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When does the Party Starter Video Premiere?


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yeah i think they will either show the video in between the pre-show and the show or between the show and the post-show. OR the video is so HUGE they have to stop a whole award cerimony to show it lol.

Whatever happens we cant lose, we see the video finally and it gets a big audience. :dope:

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This video has got to be big, hopefully, so big, that it makes up for the lost time over the past couple of months that could have been spent promoting. There are not many stages bigger than the VMA's, so the song and the album should go up the charts quite a bit after this.

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The VMA's are definitely a big stage, but the single should still have been out 2 months ago.

It should've been the 1st single, imagine if this came out right before the album dropped, he'd went gold the 1st week since "Party Starter" is 5X doper than "Switch"!

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