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Well Frenetic, that's what I was sayin', on Will's next album he should just have Jazzy Jeff produce for him, no more tracks with Trackmasters or Freshmen! Will doesn't have to produce, he's known as a legendary storyteller through his lyricism, Rakim and KRS-ONE have produced some of their biggest classics though as well as being legendary lyricists, that's why they're the only ones I could consider ranking above Will, since they produced tracks like 'South Bronx' and 'I Know You Got Soul'. btw, Bad production doesn't mean the lyrics are bad, people just seem to listen to songs just for production and don't pay attention to lyricism these days, that's why people rank Jay-Z above Nas 'cause he gets more big name producers than Nas does but Nas is a better lyricist, Will had some slick lyrics in "Will 2K" and "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" even though they ain't his best tracks, mostly 'cause of poor production bringin' it down, it was sorta like 8/10 for his lyrics and 4/10 for production on those songs. Kanye's an average lyricist most of the time, he isn't no Rakim or even Aceyalone when it comes to lyrics. Take for example my rating of "Diamonds", I give the song 9/10 for production but a 5/10 for lyrics 'cause Kanye seemed to go off-topic in the verses, on the remix he was 9/10 with his lyrics, he sounded more focused there, the beat's ill though, I can't front, I'd be an idiot not to say that, the only way for Kanye to be a legend is if more rappers follow in his lead and bring positive lyrics to the game, I gotta give him props for effort to do so and giving props to Slick Rick and Will Smith but he isn't the greatest lyricist, he could be one of the greatest producers though, btw you can't diss the production on "Willenium" since Jazzy was involved on most of the tracks, "So Fresh", "Potnas", and "The Rain" are some of the best produced tracks I've ever heard.

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Big: You know we'll let the whole legend thing rest for a while ait? That's a touchy topic with alot of different views on it.

But the lyrics.. I would say he was 6/10 on college dropout but 7,5/10 on LR.

He's just like u said about the remix.. more focused on the topics. The thing with him is that he's got this huge imagination so he uses alot of weird metaphores. Sometimes they got over our head, and sometimes they just wack. He's cut down on those on the album and is more on-topic. And another thing that he has done progress in is his flow, much better.

Before he released this album, I was like: You need to do more good things to be rememberable or just significant to the game. If he had putten out a WACK album.. I would not like him as much cause i would lose faith in him as a rapper and entertainer. That's why i was so glad this morning, He delivered, and over my expectations (i mean, the first singles are the wackest songs on the album, and they ain't even wack, just average).

And productions wise, With this album he marked his place as one of the biggest ever done it. He ain't there with Pete Rock , Premier yet (even though Premier is a bit overrated in my opinion) or D-Dot. But he's just below, alway gon be remembered. If his next album is as good, I'l count him in right there.

We gotta remember that he's being better all the time, He startedt rapping pretty late, I'd give him 2-3 more years developing his skills. It's like he's said himself: My Last album gone be my best, cause i want to be perfected by then. His last album will be Good Ass Job.

Edit: now u guys wonder why i didn't write Jazzyz name in the legend zone.. u want the explanation so u guys can hate me anymore huh.. ? Here it is: I forgot it. But he's there to. He's also a legend within the turntableist scene.

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Some of youi are getting on Frentic's case.>why? Because He'd choose Kanye's beas over Will's? Or the simply fact that he thinks Kanye is a great MC?

Come on Guys, we all got Opinions..We shouldn't sit here and force others to believe that they are wrong. He Likes Kanye, You Don't....No need to argue aobut that.

This topic was aobut the album anyway...

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Sounds good, will definitely get this album, can't wait to hear it. I doubt I'll like it better than Will's, but I am expecting a good album, nonetheless. I do agree that sometime he has some lame metaphors, and can go off topic.

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Please, someone post a link. I wanna hear this Album!!!

Hell no... Don't want the RIAA down my ass.

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