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  1. Could someone please upload it again? I haven't seen this in a very long time and i can't find it on youtube. They only have the part where they're dancing with Thomas. Or maybe someone could upload the whole thing on youtube aswell?
  2. Please, someone post a link. I wanna hear this Album!!!
  3. You know what would push his album sales? A Lost And Found Re-Release! He should record a new song for the special sdition, Usher did it with My Boo! It became a smah-hit, and hepled him to push the Confessions sales to 9 Millions copies in the United States, and over 13 Millions copies worldwide. Will could go 2X Platinum. Party Starter needs a better Video than Switch. But Tell Me Why has to be a Masterpiece-Video. All he got to do is to record a new Song, and put the Videos all in a DVD! Or Interscope creates a DualDisc, they are more comfortable :2thumbs: . But a DVD is a DVD, so you HAVE TO put some Bonus on it. PERFECT!!!
  4. I don't think that Will can win Rap Song of the Year! Maybe Best Rap Perfomance, but not Rap Song. And Lost And Found will not win Rap Album of the Year. I Bet Kanye or Common will do it. And Record of the year...Really, i don't think that he'll even get nominated for that Song. It is a great Song, but for the grammys :shakehead:. I've seen to many masterpieces not nominated for a grammy, and some of them were 5 times better than Tell Me Why.
  5. He gotta release the second Single in the USA. Lost And Found drops every single week! Will can make good videos: Freakin' It, Will 2K, Miami...Switch was not that good. I hope that Tell Me Why will include a great video, because it's a great song. If he every releases Tell Me Why.
  6. Yes, it may not be a great Song, but Switch is a great Single. I knew that he would hit the Top 10 worldwide, cause it's more a commercial Song. I don't really belive that people will love Songs like Tell Me Why, or Pump Ya Brakes. But it will push the Albumsales, that's all.
  7. I think the second single shouldn't be a Clubsong. Tell Me Why is the perfect second single. Then Party Starter and Lost And Found. I hope Loretta will also get a chance to be released as a single! Just imagine how the Video would be like.
  8. Lost And Found will easily hit the Top 10. Believe me :dancingcool: .
  9. Black Suits Comin' also reched #4 in Germany. I hope it won't fall the next 3 weeks!
  10. Kanye is not overrated! He's getting better.
  11. Nah that's not Luda sayin' "Big Willie"
  12. "Why should i try to sound like y'all sound?!" Will Smith - Lost And Found :antlers: You can't say that every Neptunes Beat is off the hook! Or you can't say every Michael Jackson Song is a classic! Will picked the right Beats for his Album! You don't have to work with Big names to make good music!
  13. That's nothin'! Wait until Will's next Single is on the radio. It's a great Song, but Mary J. really made it stronger! A Top 10 Hit, or better!
  14. The Song is good, but i don't really like the production of the Beat. It doesn't sound real! You can hear that all instruments were produced with an computer! But the arrangement is very great! And the lyrics, also!
  15. Pump Ya Brakes - Timbaland Lost And Found - Kanye West Mr. Nice Guy - Timbaland
  16. The Songs are bangin' :ridepony: . The best FP CD ever!!! Now he's on compatition with Eminem and 50 Cent for "Best Rap Album" in the Grammys! Who wins? Will Smith!
  17. Yeah, they did it with 50 Cent and Eminem. What about Will? Just because he ain't a gangsta rapper :confused3:
  18. And it makes a 65-56 Jump in the Billboard Hot 100!
  19. Wait until the Album comes out :kool: !
  20. Hip Hop Fans just can't stop lovin' this cover :angel: http://www.d12world.com/board/showthread.p...27&page=1&pp=15
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