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i won't be able to do next saturday because of work. it seems like the time slot we made last time works good 4 all time zones, but since it's 2pm my time, i'll be working. i might have work sunday too, but i won't know about that until later on this week. y'all can still do it without me tho cuz i'm kinda shy and don't have much 2 contribute.

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Looks like we have to rely on Dave, all pressure goes on him lol.

are u doing it cookies, i think u should only be allowed as long as u promise not to fart again haha, im just kiddin.  :lolsign:

LOL//... alright Miss Julie, cut that out!... we both know that Jonny went silent wandering if we heard it... LOL... :lol: or you, since ur accent got stronger afterwards! LOL j.kiddn. I would LOVE to, but Timbo requested everybody have a headset with the mic attached to cut out background interferences... so Imma catch it when I get a headset... unless they've got the same ppl doing it already... :dope:



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