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ok while we were waiting we still had fun coz some1 did a huge fart noise on scype, this is what happened in the chat.

[3cookies] 10:08 pm: WHAT WAS THAT....

[3cookies] 10:08 pm: LOL...Julie

[Jazzy Julie] 10:08 pm: dont blame me!!!!!

[3cookies] 10:08 pm: cookie pointing the finger...

[3cookies] 10:08 pm: U GUYS we just heard this HUGE fart

[Jazzy Julie] 10:08 pm: i swear it wasnt me!!!

[3cookies] 10:09 pm: Julie...Jonny is really quiet...blaming my kids.. shame on u Jonny

[scyhigh99] 10:09 pm: someone invite me somewhere

[3cookies] 10:09 pm: LOL

[scyhigh99] 10:09 pm: lol

[reborn2reign] 10:09 pm: ummm no

[3cookies] 10:09 pm: IM LAUGHING so much imma pee on myself

[Jazzy Julie] 10:09 pm: we cant do anything bcoz we are having laughing fits

[3cookies] 10:09 pm: LOLOL

[Jonny 5] 10:09 pm: it's true, she is

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LOL...that was funny...

I hope u guys are having fun in the podcast,... I volunteered to leave for someone else to join in, since all I was doing was laughing... and I think Jonny said my mic was abit loud. lmbo.

Imma hang out online 4 a few to see how it all goes,... u guys keep us posted on the board too ... :2thumbs:



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  • Admin

Okay I think we sorted out everything that could go wrong this week.. I now have about 10 files of us talking about echos :lolsign: :lolsign: Okay I've figured out how to record it.. now we just need to schedule a time when Dave can be there.. as jonny, wes, me n julie quickly realised..we cant do this without Dave :rofl:

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  • Admin

To do a good podcast I think we need a few things..

1. Good Hosts : Dave & Kev(hopefully)

2. Have the same people doing it regularly so they can get better at it, build repour etc.

3. 15 minutes max is plenty for 1 show. People aren't going to be listening longer than that..and you can fit plenty in in 15 minutes..

when using Skype we need to

1. make sure everyone has closed all programs other than skype

2. make sure people have headphones/earphones plugged in to cut down any interference

3. have a maximum of 4 in a conference, with 5 theres just too many problems

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  • Admin

Could you believe it Jonny..the only time it didnt record all the skype chat was when we did it.. I think it was because we were in a conference and then exited and joined again.. In future i'll only start recording once we are in the conference.. its pretty funny hearin the 10 failed attempts its just everyone getting frustrated at the echo :lolsign:

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