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damn i missed it. i just got online 10 mins ago and i figured u guys were done anyways. what time were we supposed to meet? perhaps if i'd have remembered i could've come 2 the podcast instead of doing chores.

I think we'd given up on a specific time (well I had anyway), I just came sometime after 10 UK Time. I noticed you came on the board, but Tim had left by then and Julie, Brakes and Me were just finishing up. If you and Tim could get a convo going sometime that could easily be edited in...

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ahhh!!!!!! the podcast curse has struck again :jada: :jada: :jada: :sick:

the 40 minute podcast..which was good.. didnt record right.. :therain:

I think i've finally figured out how to setup the program to record tho.. but so frustrating :worried:

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i think we've solved the problem. there's a program called Skylook which came out just last month. it's designed specifically to record convo's u have on Skype. me, tim, and maxfly tried it out last night and it worked great. it got all of our voices and it sounds decent. the only problem is that it's a 14 day trial version!

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