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The computer i use isn't high enough spec to run Skype

Sux, i only have 64mb of ram on this computer you see. I never use my good computer for the net cos of darn viruses and what not.

I'll just have to put my inpu in thru txt. :thumbsdown:

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here's a tip Julie. open skype, then go to Tools -> Options. about half way down, click on Sound Devices. then down near the bottom where it says "Related Tasks" select "Make a test call to Skype answering machine". it will call an automated thing where u can record a message and it'll place back 4 u so u can see if ur mic is working. **make sure u remember 2 turn on ur mic** that's one of the most common mistakes!

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yeah that sux Kev!! we really need u on there! i'm sure u'd have a great presence on the show. 64 megs of ram definitely isn't enough. i either have 128 or 256 (sorry cant remember) and as soon as u get a chat goin, ur whole computer slows down a ton!

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nope doesnt work. What i did was ive definatly plugged it in the right place and its turned on and my volume is up on my comp. I had to un-mute the mic and its now selected.

I tried to install new software coz sometimes u have to but i cant find where to install it.

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