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yeah that podcast would have been awesome.. me wes n maxfly did identify the problem.. that program I was using "Freerecorder" was garbage.. and was causing all the echos when u tried to record everything.. this skylook program is great tho..cause we had no echo.. and it recorded wes' voice and all of ours.. so we are all set for the next podcast recording! :thumbsup:

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If it doesn't work Wes, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I trust you're good at this kind of thing tho...

well the patch didn't work at first. i had to uninstall skylook and then reinstall it and then do the patch before i ever opened skylook. now i think it works, but i wouldn't be surprised if one of these days it says "you have only 2 days remaining on your trial period" :lolsign:

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im busy pretty much all weekend with college work, but im gonna take a break on friday and saturday night. I couldnt stay up late tho coz i'll need sleep for further work the next day. Thats the only time im available really, so if no-one can do it then, i'll have to skip it this time.

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