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yo we are gonna do a podcast for the site.. whats a podcast? its basically a radio show that you can subscribe to and download or listen to whenever you want.. if you have the latest version of iTunes (4.9) http://www.itunes.com you just click on podcasts and you can browse all the different ones available..

so far we got Dave(scy) hosting.. do you want to be involved? do you have any ideas for the show?

couple of ideas i have..we could go through some of the crazy e-mails i get.. scy can do sum of his reviews of lost and found and jjfp tracks..

basically if we want multiple people on the show we could do it like on msn chat and any1 with a microphone could join in..

so anyone who wants to get involved reply :smart:

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yea,...Id like 2 get involved,...after I figure out who, what, when and how to LOL... and in between projects,...school, work... I'll be there and on the board more. :2thumbs:

Timbo,...do u think u can pin this topic, so I dont forget it?? or it dont get burried?



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Hey I would love to be involved. with my studio setup at home it would be a breeze to set up and ive got sum on air experience. Since i am the worlds laziest board poster it would be a great way for me to finally interact with one of yall. Plus you gotta have sumone reppin Canada!!!

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lol i got confused at first... when u guys said radio show i was thinkin like music like the jjfp.com radio, but i (think) i realize now that u guys mean like talk radio with mics and stuff, right? well i'm not sure what i'd do... i could beatbox or somethin :lolsign:

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apple has a very strict policy where u cannot breach copyright..so yeah you couldnt use any music in the show without permission..

okay we got wes down 4 sum beatboxing :2thumbs:

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