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I think we've hit a bit of a dead end in the podcast.. everytime we try on Skype we have echo problems.. adn Skype is really the only program out there that we can use..  :shrug:  :damnlorettas:

I think that maybe the problem is that someone has their speakers too close to their mic. Everyone would get an echo as a result; the echo being your voice coming out of the speaker and back through the mic. Maybe if people put on headphones while on the mic... hopefully it's this and not Skype...

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I guess we can under the circumstances... However, is there really no way for us to get a discussion going without the echo... I say everyone make sure that they have headphones plugged into their speaker jacks and lets try one more time....

We can definately try, but I really doubt that that has anything to do with it. How can you explain the times where the echo only kicks in several minutes into the convo?? I'm pretty sure it's some type of technical problem. :damnlorettas:

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