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One person gives a topic for the next person eg. if I posted "Sesame Street" the person who replys would have to rap about Sesame Street. Afterwards they would choose the topic, any topic at all, for the next person. For the sake of simplicity I'll start with Sesame Street.

Little Elmo is young, but a wild romantic rover

The Count is a pimp "Five times she bent over!"

Telly's crazier than Cookie Monster and Gover put together

Hangs with that tall yellow dude 'cause they birds of a feather

Snuffleupagus must be snuffy, his nose is always dripping

Oscar must be grouchy he's hit with toenail clippings

Rosita's the local bilinguilist on the street

Oscar's worm tap dances but doesn't have any feet

No telling what a cross street is or how far the street runs

This is just a game, no battle, no sweat, step up to some fun

I know that was weak, but this game popped out to me and I rushed a bit.

Okay. Next up "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

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Yo, a teenager in a half shell

Turtle Power, kick ya butt wit ninja moves, and give a "Cowabunga!" yell

Leo, Mikey, Donny, & Raph

4 green dudes that can have ya back

Never been wack, always ready to defend against attacks

Master Splinter trained 'em well, gave them very little slack

They live in a sewer, eat pizza food by 4

or anytime they get hunger, body is beggin for more

Had battles in the streets, had battles wit the ooze

Even went back in time, and still ain't lose

A lil fact r, the colors of bandanna's on their heads

Blue, Orange; Purple and Red

Leo was the leader, Mike was Mr. Cool

Donny was so smart, and he aint even attend a real school

Raph was aggressive, easy wit that attitude up

U don't wanna pick a fight wit these guys, cuz they're real tuff

I say "what's up?" to my favorite team, in green

Protecting the streets of the New York City Scene


and while that's going down, this next topic is hot

The '94 shooting of my man Tupac

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The one before the shooting he died??? ill rap about that one...just in case

i cant believe pac got shot

he was recordin to send us somethin hot

thats how the thug life is in his studio

people ask is he dead? we know he loved his ho

but sadly he did pass. his ribs in a cast

still drinkin and smokin. missed that past

matter of fact. i didnt even kno pac exsisted in 94

but first time i heard him i was like yo gimmie more

its a shame that a lyrical G had to pass like that

them days it was banada's now its flat peak hats

times changed as pac said it would

but i wish i could say it was all good.

I rushed it also sorry. Next topic: College

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Acceptance to a University had me jumping out my seat

From Highschool to College I didn't skip a beat

Freshman year came here and went by too fast

Thoughts of superiority also came to pass

Juggling work with school work was just that much harder

College is more than just partying with a hand full of lager

Another June passed, another semester gone

Wonderin if I passed, wonderin what I did wrong

Senior year will come soon, and after that graduation

It's not a ceremony I'm afraid of it's the rest of my life I'm facin

Not worrying 'bout that now just enjoying the ride

I'll just have to settle with "the tassle goes on which side?"


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Talkin about cars is an extravagant journey,

Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Lamborghinis and the Ferrari,

Fords are the best although Toyota's at the top,

Rolls Royce and Bentley are also hot,

Luxury is Mercede's at its best,

Although BMW puts Mercede's to the test,

All the trucks are nice too,

Like Expedition, Escalade, and Hummer H3 which is new,

Talkin' about cars gets boring after a while,

Until a new company comes out with a new style

Next: Rollercoasters

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when im on one. its like my head starts to spin

am i dreaming. am i this high someone pinch me wit a pin

wake up me up from this reality. im going to fast

im going upside down when i dont like heights. reminds me of my past

depends where you are. disney or another one

ya'll know by the time u left u gonna have some fun

thats the nature if your there. ya'll dont wana leave

its like your so high up. its quite hard to breathe

im thinking to myself. how ya'll start to make em

and what happends if a fat dude breaks em

they shouldnt have a height. they should weight.

but its there decision. please listen its there fate.

Theme: Church.

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Am i the only one that will respond to church?


I wont lie sometimes i start snoring

Beacuase when i go to church it tends to get boring

But church isnt bad, Its peaceful and loving

Makes you rethink all the pushing and shoving

No curse in this rap when i talk about church and Jesus

He knows we sin, and i know he sees us

But thats why we go to church to forgive our sins

Because when we go to church, everyone wins

I am a religous person, i do pray every night

Thats why when i rock this rhyme i wanna do it right

(not only church but i dont think you guys care)

Next: post it notes :rofl:

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Who ever created post it notes must be quite a rich fellow

When I was a kid they used to only come in yellow

Now there's red, blue, purple, pink and orange

Heres another line to rhyme, but nothing rhymes with orange

They keep place in books, remind us to do things we'd forget

Need something to help you remember post it notes are here, don't fret

Easy to get easy to use just pull it off and stick it

Don't worry I've never seen someone use them and come down with the rickets

Next: pizza joints

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At 28, you'd really think I'd know better

But in my fridge there's nothing but soda and chedder

Cooking was always a good idea in theory

But after a day of work, the kitchen seems so dreary

So what's a guy to do, when his stomach starts to growl

Out for steak? Fast Food? Or a diner that smells fowl?

There's an obvious choice that keeps me home to chill

Domino's delivery, just need a phone and a 20 dollar bill

Theme: Money

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Money changes everything, everyone knows it,

Some people give to charity, some people keep their sh*t,

Money changes people, the world, and the life,

It kills people, hurts people, and causes mad' strife,

Money is so dirty when you think about it,

All the drugs, hands, and stuff that touches it,

Money can buy things, bad and good,

If you had a million dollars do you think you would?...

Give to charity, your family, and help those in need?,

Would you suffer from the awful sickness of "stuck-up and greed?"

They say money can and makes the world go round,

But it also can be vanish and be gone without a sound,

So be wise when you get money to do the right thing,

You don't want to sit in jail "regretting."

Oops: Lunch

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Lunch, twelve o'clock on the dot

I twist open up a bottle of pop

Reach in the fridge for a sub

Roast beef with a bit of salt n' pepper for rub

Sit in an open area taking in the ambiance

But grade F beef got me taken in an ambulance

Sitting in my bed with an IV and a catheter for some reason

Wishing that roast beef was out and pumpkin pie was in season


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Grandparents are great

On them you cannot hate

'Cause when they're in town

It gives my face a frown

They know how to get down

'Cause they've been around

For quite a few rounds

As the world grows colder

They grow older

They won't be around forever

I wish we could go on together

These are ok

Next theme: Teachers :stickpoke:

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Teachers don't care about anything

They just want to assign everything

Make life hard for the poor little kids

We work in class while they're on ebay making bids

What about gym teachers? The kids are running

While they sit on their @$$es, it's really quite stunning

400 questions on a Julius Caesar test

That's in my english class, can't really say it's the best

To sum it all up, don't mean to bust your bubble

But teachers of the world ain't nothin but trouble!!

Next topic: lawn mowers!!

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lawn mowers are loud, heavy and they annoy me,

poor little piece of grass screams, please dont destroy me,

i got hayfeaver so i avoid or it makes me sneeze,

the pollen count is high, dont mow now dad, please!

I wish we had one u could ride, that would be cool,

but we have to push ours like some kind of fool.

its winter now so we dont have to do it anyway,

the grass isnt growing, at least not till a sunny day.

new topic :the hairdressers.

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