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Dunno what to say bout this kid Harry Potter//

He's about as exciting as a stupid trainspotter//

Scar on his head, it's like a fashion statement//

Movies only good for kiddies entertainment//

Books are just as bad, they just make me bored//

Only a few more comin out, praise the lord!//

Next: Michael Jordan

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Sky jams, air Jordan, basketball representative//

Defence against him turns out mere defective//

Hoops of fire, 3 pointers and the MJ fade away//

In Space Jam he taught the Looneys how to play//

Slam Dunk competition, he be raising the roof//

Jump from free throw lines, straight to the hoop//

Bulls 6 times champion, include his 6 M-V-P’s//

Before he retired showed us his team wizardry’s//

Defence or offence, the perfect of all rounder’s//

Try to make a basket, he just wouldn’t allow ya//

But now it is time to put and end to this rhyme//

Air Jordan known as M-J, the best of all time//

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Ah, computers, well what can you say

We use computers each and every single day

We use them at school and we use them at work

They can be really cool but sometimes a real jerk!

They can freeze up and not warn you at all

The work you had is lost as it crashes and falls

Sometimes the internet logs out by itself

You didn't even do anything so you say "what the hell?!"

But that's how all computers work in the land

You can't live with them, can't live without them

next topic: cell phones

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Gurls spend all day on those phones//

You can get all kinds of ring tones//

Spending lots of cash//

Money goes down the trash//

I wanna get the song Switch//

It will make ya twitch//

A lot of people have cells//

You can get covers like Snell shells//

Dude they're really cool//

It will even make some people drool//

Next topic: I, Robot

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ok heres the situation

the NS6's just got big on location

so theese are the new robots

well in the thoughts of del spooner 'kill the robot'

i hope we dont have a min of verses

then.... umm.... umm..

that would suck :lolsign:

next: a boy named sue

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Ok, here's the thing about Sue//

When I look at him I get a flue//

I can't even go to the mall//

He'll show up there and fall//

He's the scariest dude around//

Dude even bought Lost & Found//

We gotta get the cops for this boy//

Then again, his name could be Roy//

Next Topic: 2Pac

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  • Admin

2pac is overrated

no he's not the greatest

they all followed and few hated

no matter how much skill and heart he traded

gangsta life now white kids played it

bumpin snoop and 2pac before they dated

not saying he wasn't talented but his infamy has been mis stated

6 million albums sold before his death 30 million after

now tell me is that its not the record companies laughing

glorify death and violence

real hip hop is left in silence

there are many great emcees besides 2pac

get your head out of the sand and see who rock

real innovators slept on because of every guy on the block

pumpin the same old **** on his boombox

next topic: sound systems

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I crank up my bass as much as u switch socks

My amp goes so loud I might crack my boombox

Hit switches so quite I don't know what i'm pressing

I put it on the loudest, and Jus say i was testing

Feds come over, tell us to turn the music down

One step and u gonna make a dude lose it now

I'm going deaf, I can't hear myself think

But next thing I kno i'm at the bar for a drink

Next Topic: Piano's

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Sound system's turned up, and the beats are poppin'

Code Red's in the deck, and the speakers are knocking

Got my Amp fine tuned and my speakers in the back

Lower the bass a little bit, get more clarity on the track

Roll up to the light like I'm Puff or Jay-z

Cats turn their heads like "Yo his system's crazy"

Accelerate on the green, create a little room

Heads mistaking the sound system for a sonic boom...

Ice cream

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It can come in all different flavours and colors

Kids buy it, the dads buy and even mothers

So I'm eating ice cream, can't let it slip

Because if it does, I'm taking another trip

To the ice cream man, because he can

Understand that an Ice cream is the plan

Especailly in summer, driving in a real hummer

and in the back is a real proffesional drummer..

Next topic: Nuns

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  • Admin

I scream you scream

the kids scream for ice cream

but let me drop some knowledge for my team

if you got bad allergies that stuff your worst dream

milk n dairy is basically the worst food thats been

perpetuated to be healthy for you its not quuite what you see

wool over your eyes as the money rakes in

damage the liver and the stakes wear thin

so much foul food out there its a crying shame

the health habits of humanity these days ain't no game

many people will pay for the food they eat today

additives, poisons, toxins that stay

in the blood stream so what I gleam

stay the hell away from your favorite ice cream

next topic: winter olympics

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Yo, I went to catholic school, and nuns are mad funny

Real conservative types but they called the kids "honey"

But they will get strict with kids that misbehave

When I thought I was slick, I learned the hard way

Hands clasped in prayer, composed attitudes

A pretty stringent set, they got a lot of rules

But they're genuine in the faith, charity and love

Live lives of praise for the One above...


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I hate the things, they can be anoying as Lerkie on heat

But one things for sure, They can say when it's defeat

The keys can get sticky, but that's if u make em sticky

But really thinking about that makes my stumach go icky

But anyway, I'm just flowing about these computers

It's the next real thing than sitting down in hooters

too many boozers, but on the computer they nerds

And have a go if you happen to mispell any words

Next topic: the pope

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