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Wazup wit Mcdonalds everybody?,

Ok they got a weird clown, wit a bad coloured body,

u eat their hamburger but u dont get full,

U ask why u dont ya ate a whole bull,

but is all done u have paid so go home,

if u're lucky ya dog will share his bones,

so enough said bout this "fast food",

ill eat my peruvian food, dont mess wit ma hood.

next one: paperbags

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ok i gotta say sumthin bout paperbag, they 're brown,

every single person got, uses n wastes one

from the market to the medic center

paperbags get better'n better

they're in all forms and sizes,

so go n get urs, dont worry for the prices

next theme:msn

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Dragonball Z is like a gateway drug for anime geeks

They start on that, soon it's other anime they seek

But back to the story it's easy to find

Dragonball Z's about the power of the body, but not of the mind

They collect seven dragonballs to make a wish come true

There's a girl named Bulma whose hair is blue

They train all day and train all night

They train some more and then train, then fight

Throwing big fireballs is the order of the day

If you're looking for a good anime stay away (Dragonball is good. It's not mindless action like in Dragonball Z.)

Next: Larry Bird

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  • Admin

Larry Bird vs Jordan classic basketball game

3 point shootouts slam dunk contests it was all in the names

I reminisce to old times when the nba was in its greatest day

early 90s, basketball superstars!

offense got you far

and characters with personalities were in charge

I wanna see a shoot out

not a defensive slog naa everything was dope

jordan to larry bird the great white hope

Next Topic: Fake Friends

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U see all the kids singin that stupid song,

yeah spongebob squarepants theme song,

pathetic but true, how a sponge can entertain?,

i think this is more than entertainment, is gain,

well but i cant refuse his friends r silly n funny,

but bob got nothin than his holes in his body

next topic: culture

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looks like me and him posted at the same time hmmm....... how-a-bout a culture spongebob :lolsign:

I had to edit my whole verse hahaha...anyway lets continue playin

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  • Admin

respect the culture

thats what moulds ya

history is around us

it grounds us

and you need to learn

to discern

the world is full of beautiful places

beautiful faces

many different races

study the books

travel and look

see for yourself

culture is wealth

next topic: family

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family's what's most important,

who u rely on with a deep problem to try and solve it

the ones that carry you in your deepest despair,

you may not always get along but there always there

with their intuitive glare,

know exactly where you've been just where

and in your in trouble can see it right there!

next: jazzy jeff!

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

jazzy jeff he is the best

call him the ref like kbf

scratchin the record fo rthe record

a pioneer cant you tell when you turn on the radio the best is near

cause he is Jazzy jeff and he is the best

next topic: Sugar Hill Gang

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Sugar Hill Gang yeah, they is tight

With their Hip-Hop phenomenom rapper's delight

Dancing in the club to their catchy beats

Damn right, they are one of hip-hops elites

Another great song is the classic Apache

The beats they be droppin' man they just so catchy

All of their songs yeah thier all so dope

Many other rappers, they just could'nt cope

Next: Monkeys

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Monkeys love to eat//

They're really neet//

They love the jungle//

Are ya a monkey's uncle?//

Move away before they scream//

Maybe they'll join a team//

You used to be able to buy one//

Now that would be fun!//

Next topic: Harry Potter

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