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I think they should have chosen some1 better as the next pope

the great white hope? nope

you want someone who can reach out to the world

drop the gems and pearls

a voice of reason

compassionate pleas an

I just dont think this guy has the chemistry

the warm make up to synergise some energy

in the catholic congregations

too much consternation

next topic: video games

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I'll state it real clear, concise, and very polished

Winter Olympics are wack, the event should be abolished

Didn't watch one event, I was mad. My anger rose

Because of the Olympics, they preempted all my shows

It makes no sense, skiing, skating and sorts...

In what kind of event is curling even a sport?


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I like anything, from basketball to football

From drinking down a pub and a pubcrawl

But there's nothing better than real cricket

The aim of the game, to hit down the whicket

Like a dog when he sicks it, and what about hockey

Hitting people with sticks, someone mock me

Next Topic: Heaven

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Super Mario, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, and Halo

Video games are the best when you have no cable

Stay occupied and busy with first shooters and sports

With the crazy graphic details on the basketball courts

I think Halo is the best, X-Box did it right

People shooting everywhere, yo, the game play is tight

Schoolwork left undone, controllers on the floor

Turned my system on, more competition's at the door.


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money cash clothes hoes and cars

will not get you very far

in this game called life

material things bring with them strife

is that really what you want?

to get out of this time spent

next topic: Africa

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I've heard repeatedly that Africa's the spot

Has the most beautiful land, though the weather is hot

Boasts flat rolling plains or deserts for miles

And sunsets at the coasts are beautiful with the tides

But we see the commercials, people there are needy

Kids saying "For the price of coffee, you can feed me"

Death, anger, and pain, hunger and disease

Civil strife, Sudanese killing other Sudanese

But we don't get the whole picture, we only see the worst

There is beauty in the land we must acknowldge first

And with that piece of knowledge, we can clear our minds

And out of love, not out of pity, we can save some lives

I keep forgetting to put a topic...


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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

the theme goes na na na na na BATMAN

big fan ah man

holy wilickers batman

u no his sidekick robin they aint robin

the joker playin pkler

BATMAN stops him wit his bat a rang

so he goes wit a bang so

na na na na na BATMAN


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two double oh six

world still divided its making me sick

the sooner we unite as one

and realize differences

this sickness ends

there should no longer be wars

but humanity is suffering its greatest flaw

and the greatest draw

pits nations against each other for the greatest war

I don't get why we cant be in a state of advancement

we revert to a time of poor standards

miles from the sun

wilin with a gun

we'll stop ourselves from any elevation

systematic failure conflict from creation

statin the failin of our racin

we're facin a time a period of misplacement

Next Topic: power

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Power is a wonderful tool when used properly

Judicial and Executive branches can end poverty

Or squash racial strife with a pen

We've seen legislation quickly bring legalized hate to an end

But with time, we've seen leaders up the ante

With no shame, metaphorically raid the pantry

When we vote, we need to be extremely choosy

Absolute Power does corrupt absolutely

And again I've forgoten to add a topic.

Air Conditioners

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air conditioners may be for the wealthy

but they extremely unhealthy

build of mould fungi and bacteria

and i aint even trying to scare ya

thats ok im living in australia

40 degrees celsius every summer without failure

sweltering in the heat no AC ever for me

sweating easily

searching for a breeze for relief

next topic: time

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Time keeps progressing, it's a slippery creature

Time keeps on slipping, steady into the future

And it won't stand idly by while you wait

It flies like you were out on the town with a date

And as months go by and turn into years

And as people undergo joy, happiness and tears

Use your time well, observe and experience life

Take control, don't let it quickly pass you by


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when your down and out

full of mistrust sadness and doubts

when your struggling

lifes pressures got you jugglin

when you thinkin of goin under

look outside think and wonder

how have i got in this position

i been striving hustling keepin hope alive an

all I seem to get is stuck in this mess

strife life full of stress

when you think its your very last hour

only think thats gonna get you through... is will power

next topic: travel

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It's a great joy to travel from place to place

Different foods from new cultures decorate your plate

Strange languages assault your ears

And different customs abound, but that's how you know you're there

Mingle with the locals, and explore their lives

Understand their perspectives and pick their minds

No tours or secluded group outings

Embrace the culture in order to really explore surroundings


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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

so many planets

who knows if there are aliens

jus like them we studin them

aint that whack that there is a hole that is black

wit so many aliens

and planets


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