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ok the topic canibal

remindin me of hanibal

they should call me one cuz i eat rappers alive

puting they note book pad and pen and cuttin it wit my nives

rappers cant get at me, well mabe if they bite

but it would be my line and thats expected when your lines r tight

my lines soo good they call them Delishious

but for real, all m y lines do turn out nutrishus

next topic- Black Power

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Yeah man, it's the Black Power//

All of us comin' down like metor shower//

Some do slang//

I ain't sayin'//

Power to the black people//

Makin' your prayers at da steaple//

My people diss us ******//

And pullin' tha triggaz//

Like the show Black and White//

Aye man, I don't wanna start a fight//

Next Topic: LL Cool J (If not done!)

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LL Cool J is hard as hell,

He brought straight fire in his lyrics it wasn't hard 2 tell,

Rockin' da studio scene,

at da age of thirteen,

Came from nothin had a troubled childhood,

Father shot mother in his wildhood,

1984 signed to Def Jam,

All he needed was a beat for a def jam,

Dat was first hit- remained underground,

He adopted a different style and da rap scene spun around,

He went bigger and deffer,

Refined raps song structure- he tried to better the texture,

Some said he went soft-'Cuz he seemed to need love,

Da industry was changing and he seemed unable to keep up,

Don't call it a comeback became LL's comeback line,

His mama said knock 'em out out and he sure did with his def ass rhymes,

Then he fired 14 shots to da dome,

Some hit some missed albums sales u can leave em alone,

LL came back as a sensitive brother,

When dropped a massive hit called "hey lover"

2000 da new millenium LL became da self prolaimed G.O.A.T,

Da critics and listeners appreciated greatly,

2002 he put out 10,

He stopped cussin' in records and went a more positive route then,

2004 he made sure we knew he was hip-hops definition,

Feel da beat was dope-yeah dat jam was kickin',

Among all da stereotypical rap I discovered somethin' different,

Now Im lookin forward to da next album March 21, 2006,

I'm hyped and cant wait to hear James Todd Smith

This was my first effort what y'all think? :stickpoke:

next topic: Vanilla Ice

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Vanilla ice

rolled dice of his career

but he crapped out

his sounds was like moldy beer

thank god he backed out

Thank you for such a instresting topic. A rapper that had a final CD called Hot Sex. Hot Sex........

Next Topic

2pac is alive

rap about whether you believe it or not

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