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Thats awful FFC, I hate hearing about things like this, because I dont know in which way to react. All I can basically say is your whole family is in my thoughts and I hope you can all get over this as soon as possible and get your lives back on the right path. I'm serious hope it work out in the end, and your cousin will be OK, let us know how everyone is coping.

As Prince said, we're here for you

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theres some really bad situations kids face when their own parents are the perpertrator. That man needs serious help. She's probably going to have counselling to help her through that. God bless her little soul...



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We got some big family problems right now. This is going allready for like 1 year and sometimes it escalates. Today was again day when it did. It takes to long to explain everything to ya`ll. I jusi wanted to ask you for some support. I`m realy having a hard time with this. Caus they are reflecting things one me and stuff. I`m kinda in the middle of it even tho I got nothing realy to do with it. I would be thankfull for some support..

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