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  1. I'm genuinely slightly tickled that a thread I started in 2004 is still going! Oh, and I'm listening to Da Rebirth's Behind Enemy Lies. Actually true. It's really good dude!
  2. This sounds entertaining! My first post here in seven years, and I just happened to stop by and see this. I may well be abroad with work, but if not I'll see if I can't make it for old times sake.
  3. 2Pac + Outlawz - "Hell 4 a Hustler" Still I Rise (1999) This song is dope y'all. Sick hook.
  4. Wow I can't believe this thread is still going strong. Crazy that something I started more than 6 years ago is still seeing several posts per day! The Coup - "Underdogs" (Steal This Album, 1998). This album has been seriously slept on!
  5. This campaign reminds me a little of the petition Summertime/Explosive started in 2000/2001 (hard to believe that was a decade ago) to ask for one last FPOBA episode... except I would hope that this campaign will enjoy a little more success. It's unfortunate that the official WS BBS is off-line at the moment, because I think this is something that the kids over there would really grasp on to. The main difficulty you face is that WS isn't in the public eye at the moment, and there isn't any hype surrounding him. When he puts out another movie there'll be a new captive audience, but I wouldn't expect anything significant to happen to the campaign numbers until then. I suppose the main priority right now is to not let this fade away in the meantime?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm not really sure how best to answer your question about where I've been, Julie! It's fair to say that I fell off for a good few years.. maybe about 4 to be precise! I suppose the honest answer is just to say that life got in the way. I remember not long after the millennium, in my first year or two in the original WS community, I could never understand why online friends kept disappearing. I guess in this environment people are always going to come and go as circumstances dictate, though it's still crazy to be reading posts written today by a bunch of names I don't recognise. I suppose one generation of online fans has been replaced by another. Nevertheless, it's really great to see a couple of familiar cats still holding it down after all these years. At risk of going wildly off-topic, I recently stumbled across an internet time-warp circa 2002 that I'm sure one or two of you are familiar with, and thought the likes of AJ and fan4ever might get a kick out of seeing it again: Will Smith Fan's Domain Message Board.
  7. Ha ha AJ that's pretty funny seeing those events come up into the mix again after all these years. I remember all that junk happening, it went down at the beginning of 2002.. remember when HarryN 'proposed' to willsgirl/love2will, and 3cookies was going to go to the wedding? Ha ha. I can't remember what really happened other than that, though do remember that willsgirl was hitting on me and Wes before someone found out that 'willsgirl' should actually have been 'willsguy'. Ha ha. Edit: I almost forgot to comment on the recording news! Be interested to see what comes out of it. And hello, by the way. It's been a while.
  8. Awesome! Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in our face! Been waiting a long time for this!
  9. Hey guys, Just thought I'd drop a message to see how y'all are doing. Good to see some of the old cats still holdin' it down. I stayed up late last night, sitting alone in the darkness watching as the flames in the fireplace died down to embers. The embers of 2007 closes the door on a lot of chapters - the memories of some of which I am grateful to leave behind, but others I leave with regret. We have much to be thankful for, however. Here's looking forward to more of those good times in 2008. Peace, Prince
  10. http://www.geocities.com/mib2headquarters/
  11. Just wanted to wish you all happy holidays, and have a great 2007! Let's make the most of it. Peace!
  12. Of course I don't know the full situation, but if, as you were suggesting, the guy was maybe plotting to break the two of you up, then I think you should tell your boyfriend. Just so your boyfriend knows what's going on, and so the other guy can't then take advantage of the situation by spreading lies and rumours that could potentially drive the two of you apart. The best thing you can do in a relationship is to be open with each other. Peace.
  13. Hey man, happy birthday! Keep doing your thing mate :thumbsup:
  14. Team Manure is retiring from the competition after a highly successful campaign in which we defeated all of the opposition in what proved to be a large scale embarassment for all opponents. We unleashed utter hell, completely wiping out other armies that stood in our path. I will finally answer the question that has been plagueing so many of you: "how come Prince attacked me but didn't appear in the players list". The answer is simple - I was so far ahead, I was 'off the scale', so to speak. Your rankings only show a small range of competitors that are within your reach. You struggled amongst the rats, while I stood, defiant, at the head of it all. Team Manure finished on a high as undisputed victors, and so felt no need to continue ashaming members affiliated with the two other clans, or, indeed, other army generals.
  15. I spoke to him a few days ago, so he's alright. He said he was glad to be back home again.
  16. TDH is falling apart already? That didn't take long! Wes, why are you remaining a part of such a cowardly group that they attack their own members? TDH obviously doesn't care about fighting for what's right! Quit TDH Posse, and join Team Manure. Save your sexuality!!
  17. Team Manure is now recruiting members for our prestigious new elitist on-line club, providing you an early opportunity to enroll with the titans. Numerous members of this "TDH Posse" have told me in private, via PM, that the worst thing about not joining Team Manure was telling their friends they're gay. Don't be that person. Don't miss out. Don't make a mistake. Don't change your sexuality. Join Team Manure.
  18. Yeah I'm still about, man. I was going to make a dramatic leaving thread announcing that I was permanently disappearing from the forum and requesting that my account be deleted, but then post again the next day telling everybody that I was back again and wasn't going to leave afterall.
  19. ...Prince, who was just beginning a cunning and evil ploy to...
  20. No offence, but that isn't a good idea at all.
  21. why has your english suddenly got really bad? Because he's a gangster now.
  22. It's been over 6 months since you last read something from me (in December it was in the form of "The New World"). A description of this isn't needed, so here we go, this one is called: "Silhouettes of Angels" From billowed rooftops, I scream to silhouettes of angels, My face angled towards the sun's glare, I spare an argument to tangle, I've often walked the battered roads of pity and consequence, Made sense of constant problems, promise and nonsense, Beyond pennies, money and material objects didn't matter much, Heart frozen with ice layers, guarded, and didn't shatter much, Devious deeds and greed ensiled well as misfortune tells, Clutch of laughter had me smiling off all the dirty little details, Born in hell? No, but I became bright with observations, Never met the demons that follow, but held pleasant conversations, And my obligation to God was to place money in the silver plate, Until a sudden loss of faith left me wondering where exactly we relate, I've broken bones to find my heart, and broken hearts to find love, Loved the broken hearts I propagate, but left them hanging up above, Too hard to teach, I learnt lessons and carry weight of regret on my back, Buried under the hate I haul around attached with golden straps, Before they bent the buckles broke... seen my flaws as my heart awoke, Started fresh with a fear of death once my words spoke, Choked up, the dark clouds hovering my scalp broke up, Soaked up knowledge... Now I'm here ma, your son finally woke up... God no longer cares, Satan's busy these days, Demons do his dirty work, while the angels are underpaid, I wander around graves just to read words etched in stone, People try to pay rent, but corpses have a home, God no longer cares, as Satan herds his sheep, Demons weep for peace, as the angels claim their keep, I walk streets with no purpose just to see where I land, Keep trying to find myself, but I still can't understand... I once saw a passage that read “love and you shall”, I shall what? Smothered in a hell-dust dwelling where deaths smells? I fell inside a passage with only a flickering light to guide me, To battle my way through with a bucket of thoughts beside me, Inside my fears lie dormant, I'm content that days shall end, Hell, end this day and maybe in someway I will find a friend, I've plundered desolate temples of anguish and misbelief, Escaped the beast that trails me in ecstacy of my grief, A new mend with peace and release agony that suffers, Disseminate taunts of echoes haunt my window shutters, Chaotic in regret, I turn my back to your opinion, Fading lights to drown dark lies that travel my dominion, I lost my path... somebody guide me by the hand, Scald me when I'm wrong, praise me when I land, Save me if you can or just allow me to sink with this ship, Lean my head on your shoulder so I can just think for a bit, I’ve crept with cracked knees, and through these seas my soul kept, To drop pleas inside glass bottles and seal them with regret, My inert expression betrays more then words could ever describe, With an incomparable stream of emotions I’ve stowed deeply inside, Predict long-winded theories of hope and serenity, Just send me to this place you speak of so low and heavenly... God no longer cares, Satan's busy these days, Demons do his dirty work, while the angels are underpaid, I wander around graves just to read words etched in stone, People try to pay rent, but corpses have a home, God no longer cares, as Satan herds his sheep, Demons weep for peace, as the angels claim their keep, I walk streets with no purpose just to see where I land, Keep trying to find myself, but I still can't understand... One world of anguish placed in a braced container of defacement, Incased in phase with the stars that light the pavement, Isn't it worth the wait? With restless bones I've broken time, Spoken poetry to deaf children in hope of reaching the blind. Rewind a life-time... I can't help but think my past is censored, I've forgotten more about previous happiness than I care to remember, As I break down these barriers caressed by apathy, I stretch my arms towards the walls, scarcely touching rhapsody, Remove my shell, every breath is exposed as death veiled in disguise, I size-up the perpetrator I've got framed in my eyes, Shape bending entity weaving ethereal knits in my distress, Fit to hold the despair ensnared endless in my regress, I'm impressed, Satan's prestidigitation is craftier than perceived, As I proceed to crawl on crumbled knees in a plea to reach the seas, Bury me beneath my regrets so that I might die in ponder, Straying thoughts contrasted beyond this tale of melancholy somber, No longer will I look decay in the face with my eyes closed, I stare knowingly ahead, and I see you now, with my body froze, My torment of distracted prayers united to agitated spheres, It's taken years to sort the waking apprehension appearing in nightmares, So I’m preparing for the end to start, with bleakness in my heart, I'm coming home fam'... No longer do we have to be apart... God has a plan, as celestial as the elegance of which we never speak, Keep quiet before we reveal too much, because doubt is for the weak, Time takes time, it's taken ours, and I have already said too much, But now I hear voices in my skies, and the silhouettes of angels conforming to say "Hush"...
  23. Are the crayons in the third photo included?
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