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  1. That interview was so bizarre and clueless, it was hilarious. It almost read as a parody of some faux-intellectual hipster talking nonsense. I feel bad about hating these kids, but it's not coincidence that Will's career suffered when they started getting a career of their own. Hopefully, Will is done doing projects with them.
  2. I'd be shocked if he did this, same with Tom Hardy.
  3. Just general impressions I read on twitter and different forums, but seemed like the movie had an ending that was unsatisfying. One guy didn't buy the romantic chemistry. The release date is weird, because it's been done filming for awhile. If it was good, it would be a good movie to play during Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday, because there really isn't any non-prestige adult movies coming out for the rest of the year. It could of been a movie for adults looking for something fun during the holidays. It's current release date is after Valentine's Day and President Day Weekends, but before most schools are out on spring break. It's not a weekend that has traditionally been busy for movies.
  4. After MIB 3, After Earth, and all the stuff with Jaden, lots of people are negative on Will. He needs this to not just make money, but also be good. I have my doubts with that release date, and so-so buzz from test screenings.
  5. Should be out any day now, trailer is attached to "The Judge" for this weekend.
  6. The trailer is PG, which is standard for general releases.
  7. If anyone's interested, here's the article the film is based on. http://www.gq.com/sports/profiles/200909/nfl-players-brain-dementia-study-memory-concussions
  8. Trailer has been classified and should be out in a week or two. http://www.albertafilmratings.ca/recentclasstrailers.aspx
  9. It's still early. Its not a big fx blockbuster movie, so marketing tends to start 3 or 4 months before release. If we haven't seen anything by the end of November, then we should worry.
  10. Yeah, suppose to be filming in Pittsburgh in late October.
  11. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a new cast member "And following that, she’ll play Will Smith’s wife in Concussion, the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith), the forensic neuropathologist who first discovered extensive brain damage in NFL players and tried to put a stop to it." http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/tiff/2014/09/07/gugu_mbatharaw_stars_in_beyond_the_lights_premiering_at_tiff.html
  12. It is really strange...they were casting a little African American girl to play the daughter based off Will Smith being the lead. Now, with the film set to shoot in less than eight weeks, he bolts! Does nothing for the reputation that Will is a control freak on sets. I have no idea if this movie would of been any good, but the script writer is solid veteran of Hollywood hits like Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible.
  13. Is the investigation real? I though it was celebrity gossip nonsense.
  14. This will be Will's next movie. BRILLIANCE (Film) SHOOTS: August 18, 2014 LOCATION: Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh BUDGET: BIG PRODUCERS: Jon Jashni | Joe Roth |... Thomas Tull, Palak Patel DIRECTOR: Julius Onah (The Girl Is In Trouble) CAST: Will Smith STATUS: Preproduction GENRE: SCI-FI STORY: A federal agent with a unique set of skills is drafted to hunt down a terrorist who is out to start a civil war. Notes: Legendary Pictures adaptation of the Marcus Sakey novel.
  15. One of the best father figures in TV history. He will be missed. RIP
  16. Though it may make lots of money, I have no hope of a sequel to ID4 being any good. Roland Emmerich hasn't made anything decent since "Day After Tomorrow", so I'm glad Will is sitting this one out. Will still needs to work with other top notch actors for better directors.
  17. Not nearly as bad as critics and others are saying. Has a nice father/son story, and some decent thrills and action with Jaden. Ultimately, though Jaden is the lead of the movie, by himself for a lot of it, and he doesn't have the charisma to carry those scenes. Also, has some spotty effects, which seems to be a recurring problem with Will's movies, i.e. I Am Legend and Hancock. I would of like a little more backstory on why they left Earth and how they settled the new planet. Also, would of liked to know more about the alien species that created the Ursua monster that was hunting them. That was woefully underdeveloped. Give it 6 out of 10.
  18. Don't mean to be a buzz kill, but the film has a budget of 130 million and likely 100 million in marketing. Taking into account that movie theaters get some of the box office also, this film would need to reach 350 million to start seeing a profit. I sure Will has a good percentage deal on the movie, also. On MIB3, which made 624 million, he was rumored to have made 100 million.
  19. Here's an article examining the failure of After Earth http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/will-smiths-earth-apocalypse-who-562668
  20. This does look like Will's next movie. http://www.backstage.com/nyc-film-production-listings/ Focus (Drama) A seasoned con artist’s decision to take a young female grafter under his wing has unforeseen consequences for both when they meet years later. With Will Smith. Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Casting: Bernie Telsey, Telsey + Company, 311 W. 43rd St., 10th Fl., New York, NY 10036. Shoots in August; location TBA.
  21. That's real cool!!! Will was fun during that interview.
  22. Lot of bloggers are making fun of this weird interview. They are calling Will the new Tom Cruise.
  23. Will's career is in trouble. It's been since 2006's Pursuit of Happyness that he was in a good movie. He needs to stop micro-managing everything on his movies and just be an actor in a movie with a top director. He also needs dial it back with Jaden. Like Willow let him just be a kid for a couple of years.
  24. Positive review: http://www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/review-will-and-jaden-smith-explore-father-son-dynamics-against-a-science-fiction-adventure-backdrop-in-after-earth In my personal opinion, this guy is the best movie reviewer on the internet. I've been reading him for years and: he is fair, doesn't have an agenda against certain talent, is not an art house snob, but is also not a easy fanboy for genre films. So, if he has nice things to say about it, that's a good thing.
  25. It could also be a bomb. It's only tracking to make 35-36 million at the domestic box office this weekent. With a budget of 135 million, it's gonna need a real strong foreign box office to make any kind of profit.
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