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which sequel do you want to see?  

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  1. 1. which sequel do you want to see?

    • MIIIB
    • Independence day 2
    • Hitch 2
    • bad boys 3
    • seven degrees of seperation
    • have will be in a new XXX movie
    • enemy of the state 2

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Well Will said he'll do Bad Boys III if they write up a good script he'll do it. I would love to see Bad Boy3 and MIIIB those would be great sequels. But Hitch and ID4 I don't see the need for them to have sequels.

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well it was between my 2 fav movies: Bad Boys and Enemy of the State. Enemy of the State doesn't make since tho. as some have said already, how would the story continue? i think Bad Boys and MIB could have sequels, but since MIIB was a dissapointment and BBII mightve even been better than the first, i chose Bad Boys. Will and Martin 2gether r hilarious, u can't go wrong!

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I want Enemy of the state cuz the first one is my favorite of Wills movies...

the story could be like some of the bad guys are pissed at Will for getting their friends killed or maybe someone wants to find and kill gene hackmans character and they use will as a bait.. i guess hackmans character got alot of enemies considering his old work...

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The best sequel would be Bad Boys3 because at the end of Bad boys2 you tend to expect. Expect what? I dunno. But a sequel kinda like the first Bad boys movie in term of thoughness would be really great!! I mean they were real bad-asses and that's why the movie was good!

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I would be interested to see Men in Black III and Bad Boys III.

I think the second parts of the two movies weren't as good as the original BUT i have to say in the BB and MIB case: The first movies were the best, because it has invented and started the whole franchise but the second were FUN FUN FUN.

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