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  1. I dont think Will and Tarantino would work. I would like to see Speilberg and Spike Lee.
  2. Sweet, I'll have to get some cash :thumb:
  3. I cannot be bothered to write too much :kekeke: , but here goes.... I: Play Basketball Watch Films Collect Films Study Films Draw Like To Eat Bacon Listen To Music Play Various Video Games Read Buy Random Crap On Ebay Spend Money As soon As I Get My Hands On It Listen to JJFP As Often As I Can That is all :peace:
  4. The 5 Rules is a great track and is currently on my Ipod. I have downloaded all the tracks off his site, they are all good, but the 5 rules does it for me. Keep it up man :peace:
  5. Ali: Get that thing out of my ass :kekeke:
  6. thanks for that, very useful :thumb:
  7. I think MIIIB and Bad Boys 3 are the only ones that would work. Out of them i would like to see Bad Boys 3.
  8. The making of Summertime is also on. 100th post :wiggle:
  9. Thats pretty scary, i got that video today too :eek4:
  10. Great news, i just dont understand how candy shop is number 1, it sucks :nono:
  11. Bigmouse64 has posted them :peace:
  12. Why is Eminem in there? He did one movie and it sucked. I think ice cube should be in there just because of the 'Friday' movies they are funny as hell.
  13. Remix, just because Jazz is in it... Nah im joking, original rules :kekeke:
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