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  1. Have y'all seen the movie The Kingdom? For those who understood this movie, it's not about war, terrorism or Middle East but about differences and points of view. In this flick, the terrorists are convinced they're acting the right way, and the american officers think the same about themselves. That's what Will's statement is all about: when you're into something in what you believe you're sure you're acting the right way. It can be good as much as it can be bad. That' s only a matter of point of view, everybody has his own reasons and motivations. In History you have to study every aspect of each side to understand the situation. History books don't judge events, they explain. We all have our own ideas but we cannot force everybody to think the way we think. If Will thought Hitler was good, he would not say Hitler needed reprogrammation... No need to be that smart to understand that... Let's take the example of a crazy man. Do you think the crazy man thinks he's crazy? The crazy man thinks he's sane. The fact that you're aware he thinks he's sane, even if he's damn wrong, does it make you think he's sane? Hell no!!!! To understand the way different other people think makes you bigger and helps you in a conversation. You need to grow up Willreign, the History of a people is not only about its suffering. Will does not have to apologize because he expressed the same thing everybody thinks about Hitler i.e a damn maniac. I hope you'll finally understand because 10pages of this damn topic is way too much for this statement!!! I did not even understand why this was a topic... The statement was clear!
  2. gmoney


    Come on y'all Bad boys 3 taking place in another place than Miami would not be a Bad boys movie, it's like Miami vice taking place in Paris, or Lethal Weapon in South Africa. In France before the sequel to Bad Boys, words were that Bad Boys 2 was to take place in England... We all saw that!!! A lot of people expect that there will be a Bad Boys 3, so do I but we cannot be happy before the official words.
  3. ouch!!! real bad idea!!! Ben Affleck in Daredevil? Hilarious!!! Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider? Ridiculous!!! Marvel and DC comics movies are not so good compared to the comics. Blade was a good one, the 1st one I mean. 10 years ago it would have been a good idea for Will to play a super hero but now it won't help him. I was disappointed by Xmen 3 and Spiderman3, this is an outrage how can you adapt comics and put every important aspect aside? Did these people open one of the comics to read it? Now is not a good time for such movies. With Tonight... this is a character created for the movie, they will be free to define all the aspects not depending on an original pattern. No fan will be offended, no creator will be offended so that's better
  4. Maybe Will should retire... For many reasons. Have y'all listened to Nas' Hip Hop is dead album? The guy has a point. But this album is also an appeal to real hiphop artists to defend the essence of Hip Hop. Will is a good artist, we all know that as fans but the only rappers we hear about are those "BlingBling-I-wAs-shot-and-a-convict so called Rap artists" and hipHop artists don't have the respect they deserve. I was said not to buy Nas' album, i did it. No regret. But after listening such an album I would like Will"Fresh Prince"Smith to show he's here that he's not a 1980's old school artist. Will is a very good artist, lyrically, musically and technically speaking we all know it but but people have to be aware of it. Will can not retire now. He has to strike HipHop and rap community first. I saw Will on French TV a few days ago, he was amazing, people were so happy but they only knew Will Smith the actor/rapper, instead of the rapper/actor. I can not reproach him to focus on his actor career but he said music is his love and movies a chick on the side, honestly the first love has to worry. Will is too good to be forgotten one day and seen as a has been. Some artists may think that of him, and i can't wait for them to see the truth. So please Will come on man we know you're the man so make them respect The Man.
  5. :hmm: it looks like some people don't know what to do with their time...
  6. Sanaa Lathan would be a real good choice!!! i was thinking about her. another good choice would be the woman that was in hitch when he was young... i forgot her name
  7. Timbaland and Dre(for a real west coast style sound and not to tell "Dr DRe produced it")
  8. Will should not play Nick Fury, that's not an interesting role. I would more agree a role like Power Man aka Luke Cage but the point is the same, that's a comic character so i don't find it really interesting but luke cage would be good. coz he's a fighter...
  9. A producer/mc in the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. I read an issue of Vibe last year where they interviewed Method Man and he said that he wants to be like Will Smith and make it big in acting just like in rapping. Really? Did Tikal really say that? i'd be interested by a collaboration between these 2 rappers. Anyway method man can reach a big level in acting...
  10. it was supposed to be s**t but i don't understand what happened
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