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  1. My favorites to win is Brazil. But there are many other teams that can be good enough: Argentina, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, Holland, Italy and Portugal... And you should add Drogba to the list of worlds best striker:D
  2. 1: Bad Boys 2 2: Men In Black 3: Bad Boys 4: Independence Day 5: Enemy Of The State
  3. Happy Birthday! :Party_fest09: :party:
  4. He got two songs about eminem, "Dear Slim" and "Dear Slim part 2". You should also check out the song, "KJ Five Two"
  5. Welcome!!! You're gonna love it here :2thumbs:
  6. It's great that the trophy is back in England, but in wrong town:( Congratulations anyway!!!
  7. :party: Happy Birthday!!! :party:
  8. I watch it too! My favorite character is Locke
  9. Thats great!!! Keep up the climbing :thumb:
  10. Bad Boys 1 Bad Boys 2 Men In Black 1 Independence Day Hitch/Enemy Of The State
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