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will interview on z100


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"This is my 9th album and its like i feel im saying more things than i've ever said before... im saying stuff that i've kinda avoided sayin in the past... theres things about my divorce and things about what fame does ..i never say that stuff so i feel like its a real slice of me ..i have a friend she went holy roller so i have a record "miss holy roller" which talks about the dangers of that kind of aggressive religious fundamentalism yeah we got a couple of party records ive worked with petey...i worked with snoop the record with snoop is called "pump ya brakes" and its just about people and girls and people just being really aggressive your famous and people think that they can just come... i got a record with mary j blige thats really good i got some things people are gonna be really surprised" after theyve played switch "you cant start off serious..you gotta have a little fun you open it up with the dance video let people feel the sense of the will smith you all know and love"

"people are gonna be very surprised i went some places i never gone with my music before ..theres a record you know eminem dissed me on his record people are used to me not respondin to that kind of thing its just a little somethin its not too much its a record called mr nice guy

"theres a track ludacris did for me called party starter he took me to a really different place for me... generally i kinda lay back into the track a little bit..another party song but really uptempo ..just really aggressive for me.. i have some songs that people are really gonna be surprised and shocked and still a lot of fun and is the first time i really said everything that i wanted to say .. in the past i always say oh lets temper that a little bit or hold on you know it has to be fun ..so im being very comfortable just saying what i think and feel and things about me and my life and my family that i may have not said before."

"Lost and Found..its interesting symbolism"

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cool thanx, that luda track sounds good. The whole album sounds good, i like serious trax like the rain but i also like party trax, so it sounds like a nice mixture. Plus we were right sayin switch wouldnt be like the rest of the album, he said its just a fun song to start off.

Oh it excites me even more,i gotta play switch again! :switch:

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