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will interview on z100


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Cool pics, I'm gonna listen that interview in a lil while, this sounds like this could be his best album ever! :bowdown::bowdown: :dj:

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I've only read the things u guys have typed out...and things sound pretty good. I'd listen 2 the interview but i gotta get 2 work in a few minutes...i'm definitly checkin' this 2nite tho.'

This album at least has alot of surprises. I don't expect it 2 be better than Willennium due some of the cameos and out-of-character kinda trax...but i know that outta-character type stuff may also make it his best album since it's seems alot more Fresh Prince and less-Columbia movie start type stuff. Makes me really wanna hear this album NOW.

One think i really like is that Mary J. Blige did another song with him. "Got To Be Real" wazn't what i wanted...i'm thinkin' this other song with her is gonna be amazing.

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