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  1. I was disappointed with this movie unfortunately, but it was good to see Will/Martin again at least, they always have great chemistry together. But something about it felt contrived and almost devoid of heart and soul, I don't know. We're in an age of remakes and sequels, I heard Keanu will be doing another Matrix and Bill & Ted, but you know... it's just not the same as the old ones. It could just be that I was so much younger and easily impressed though, I'll have to go back and watch BB 1 & 2 to see if they actually stand the test of time.
  2. I can't believe all the familiar names from way way back in the day are still on here, I miss you guys. It's so cool that this forum is still active. What's up AJ! You once shipped a JJFP B-Sides & Rarities mixtape to me after an AIM chat years ago and to this day it's one of my favorite CDs ever haha (it had "From Da South" on it!!) And Tim you were the one who introduced me to Hieroglyphics and that essentially took me down the rabbit hole of underground hip hop which changed the way I listened to music. Is Da Brakes still here?? I miss our forum text-battle tournaments! LOL Hope everyone is well :)
  3. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skillz – Distortion 2 Static Interview (Video) http://distortion2static.com?bcpid=14965166001&bctid=53120263001
  4. Tonedeff - "The Distance" Y'all know I had to return after a 2 year hiatus just to let you in on what I'm currently listening to...haha. It's a truly beautiful thing to see this forum still alive and kicking after all this time. AND looking better than ever, too. Shouts to Tim, AJ, Jim, Brakes, Cookies, Ted, Julie, Kev, Vipa...all my old school potnas. Missed everybody. What up?!?! :wave2:
  5. ...and some cool magazine scans of Rap Express from '91. http://ifihavent.wordpress.com/2007/07/23/...xpress-podcast/
  6. I can't hear "peep" when I listen to it.. man this has been buggin me for years ...I do :kekeke:
  7. Listened to it again... I hear: "I'm totally in love when I get to peep a silhouette, 'til I see another one better"
  8. THANX!! Man, I can't even remember when or why I stopped visiting the forum, but at some point, I guess I had very little free time (what exactly is 'free time' anyway?) and posted less frequently. For the record though, I NEVER lost interest in JJ+FP...haha. Anyway, it's Summertime...time to sit back and unwind. Thanks again for the welcome back!! :w00t: I hope all is well with everyone. (by the way Tim, I like all these new emoticons I'm seeing..haha) AJ! I see you man. :thumbsup:
  9. I would much rather see Will focus on winning an Oscar for "Best Actor" than the movie itself winning for "Best Special Effects" or something. His two Oscar nominations were for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness. Hint, hint. Make more character-driven movies. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those types of roles in the future anyway, he said it himself...he's getting too old for all the action. I suppose we should appreciate these now before he gets tired of them. I won't lie though...I just want him to finally win an Oscar. He deserves it.
  10. This is really great...I'm enjoying these. Thanks.
  11. Damn! That's hot...I'm honestly very impressed. You're one of the better ones on that whole site, most of them sound pretty amateur...sometimes including the ones who top the charts. I checked out your other mixes too...really feelin' them, man. Keep it up.
  12. Long time no talk, good sir. Happy B-Day! I hope things are going well. :thumbsup:
  13. That mix was dope!! Production is tight, strong lyrics from casual...got some awesome lines in there...opio's impressive as always...i'm definitely, definitely getting this.
  14. Anyone from the Motown era really. If you want music from the soul, that's where you should go!
  15. Definitely was a great idea to start up the blog. Haven't posted in a while, and it was good to come back to something new like that. :interesting:
  16. Used Tajai's "Dum Dum" instrumental. http://rapidshare.de/files/2743164/partyst...mremix.mp3.html
  17. Sigh...I meant 2 say that Usher is compared by people 2 MJ, and see him as doing what he did. There are many similarities. I never said anything about him being as great as him, or that Usher started it all or whatever. All I'm saying is that it would be a good choice if MJ wants a successful comeback, since Usher is very popular right now, etc etc... :ignored:
  18. 1. Willennium 2. Code Red 3. Lost and Found 4. Homebase 5. He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 6. Big Willie Style 7. Born To Reign 8. And In This Corner... 9. Rock The House
  19. Well actually, that's the remix...but that's good too.
  20. You know i actualy raely think that hes gonna make Songs with artists that supored him in that time...Like yeh Usher,Birtney Spears and Janet (ofcourse) anyone else that was on his side in this hard times! Oh and yeah..The Box is great!The Concert is so cool! ← Yeah, I think it will only help the success of his comeback if he collaborates with someone, especially someone that's really popular right now. Usher is also recognized as a young MJ, so it would be like a "Past and Present" kinda thing. It would be big...and one thing's 4 sure, it would be hot!! :music: This is, of course, assuming he even decides 2 make a comeback.
  21. Ha...well, who knows. What about in the movie I Spy, when he sung "Sexual Healing"...I think Eddie will surprise people!
  22. I'll do what I can for sure! Anything for people to hear that 3rd verse. :thumbsup2:
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