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What was the last album you bought?

Jazzy Julie

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Destiny's Child - Destiny Fullfilled

Great album really enjoy listening to it - it's my tip for the week out today (Monday 15th) in the UK

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The last album i bought waz New Edition's "One Love." 2morrow i'm gonna pick up the new one from Destiny's Child (which is the release date here in the US).

On ebay i've won tons of CD promo singles at 1 cent each...ha ha...Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Warren G, Immature, Janet Jackson, Usher, Dru Hill, Dr. Dre, En Vogue, Craig David. I have no idea where the seller gets all this stuff..he has at least 100 pages of CD promo singles and promo posters all at under a dollar.

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The last album that I bought was Ne's "one Love" too, i ain't getting Destiny Child's or Snoop's CDs for a lil' while though, but I'll defenitely cop them though, but I'm gonnna try to find Jazzy Jeff's CD this week, everybody's been sleepin' on him for a long time, it's a shame, but he ain't lookin' for fame anyway, he does it for the art like more should do, I think FP's album would come out faster if he signed to an underground label, but the long wait will finally be over 8-10 weeks as long as it's not pushed back again! :bang: I'm also looking forward to buying Nas "Street's Disciple" when it comes out in 2 weeks, has anyone seen "Bridging The Gap" on BET or MTV yet, I don't understand why it ain't getting airplay, his videos are usually in heavy rotation before his album drops over the past few years! :dunno: Damn Columbia's screwing up Nas now, he should go underground 'cause the mainstream ain't showing him love, he should have a Grammy by now!

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Yeah, i'll get Jazzy Jeff's new album if i find the 3-disc version here in the US. I have a feeling that i won't so i'll end up getting it on the internet. If it waz an actual studio album, i'd get it as soon as possible but since it's a mixtape/compilation type album, i'll wait til i find the 3-disc version.

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i got my tatyana ali CD in the post the other day, ive been meaning to get it for ages, its really good, and Will produced some of it. The songs she released off it are the best by far, but the rest of the songs are good. the only probelm i have with it was it made me feel sleepy at the wheel, i think she is trying to kill me thru song.

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