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What was the last album you bought?

Jazzy Julie

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I thought about getting that album aswell

the last album I bought was Joss Stone - Mind Body and Sould - and it's really good I suggest you all go out and buy it, it was number 1 last week

My next album could be either the new version of Ushers Confessions or Estelle's album :dunno:

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DJ Ant Live- Reggae Seduction Pt. 3

Dope stuff! I love reggae!

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I just bought "the very best of the Jacksons" today, its really good. I cant believe there are so many songs on here i havnt heard of.

What was every1s last album they got and is it any good?

excellent choice!!!

dnt really buy lp's anymore!! the last 1 was born 2 reign

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During my last stop 2 the music store, i picked up Jon B "Stronger Everyday," Usher "Confessions: Special Edition," and the Australian Import of Alicia Keys "The Diary of..." with a bonus CD featuring remixes.

My next stop 2 the music store will be 2 pick up De La Soul's "The Grind Date" and Talib Kweli's "The Beautiful Struggle."

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I've just been buying so many albums over the last two weeks. HMV's sale doesn't help.

Green Day - American Idiot

LL Cool J - All World (bit of a greatest hits)

Blur - The Best Of

Jimmy Eat World - Futures

De La Soul - The Grind Date

Loving them all, now i gotta lay off buying new albums for a while,

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