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What was the last album you bought?

Jazzy Julie

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Man, i'll listen 2 anything Brian McKnight touches. He's a genious. When i heard he worked on Justin Timberlake's album, i gave that track he did with him "Never Again" and it blew me away. I might have 2 check out this album.

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Yeah, i'm listening 2 the "Who's The Man" soundtrack again. The 2 big hits off it were the ones by Mary J. Blige and Jodeci. I think House of Pain's track waz a single also. Heavy D is my favorite artist on the soundtrack, but his song isn't one of my favorites. It's one of his rare reggae trax that he's done and it features Beenie Man. It also has Biggie's 1st big appearance (as BIG). "Party And BS" is and ill track back when he waz a raw, hungry emcee (none of that Big Poppa stuff). The best song on the soundtrack is easily Pete Rock + C.L. Smooth's.

U should check the movie 2. I havn't seen it in ages, but it's a silly Hip-Hop flick featuring Ed Lover and Doctor Dre as cops. It has tons of Hip-Hop cameos like Leaders of The New School and Kris Kross.

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Jay Z/Linkin Park - Collision Course

Another great album all the songs are really well done and go well together, the DVD is really good it shows them in the studio making it and all the full concert

After this I have alot more respect for Jay Z he seems a really nice guy, and also a very talented rapper you may not like his songs but, he flew out to me Linkin Park and just went straight into the booth no warm up no nuthin and was in full flow.

The same thing happend at the concert he turned up walked straight on stage and went straight into it

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