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how long have you been a fan of JJ+FP??

how long have you been a fan of JJ+FP  

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  1. 1. how long have you been a fan of JJ+FP

    • 1 year
    • 2 years
    • 3 years
    • 4 years
    • 5 years
    • 6+years
    • not sure
    • since he's the DJ I'm the rapper
    • since rock the house

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to be honest, I've been a fan of Will Smith's music and fresh prince of bel-air since around 1998. I remember I was on a school bus in 5th grade going on a field trip to New York City. This girl had Big Willie Style and I liked it. I also remember my mom had the Big Willie Style cassette. I'd listen to that a lot. I never really did research on him until late 2000. I went online and found all these CDs he did. Will 2k was also a hit that I loved and it made me get Willenium and BWS together.
Early 2002, I'd be on the old cdnow.com listening to samples. Specifically to Code Red. I had 56k back then and it took me a long time to download music. I only downloaded 2 full tracks off that album. "Boom! Shake the Room" and "Code Red". Inbetween that I would just have the 30sec samples on repeat. I would go on sites like this and learn about JJFP. I then looked to get the CDs. I went to a nearby Warehouse Music store and bought used copys of JJFP's 5 CDs. Great condition they were in too!
So here I am, I've learned so much about JJFP from this site and people like Tim and AJ. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince are my top favorite musical artists of all time. :dancingcool: :rock: :rock:
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Man, i don't even know how 2 determine when i became a fan...it waz from the early days tho'. I knew about the big players in Hip-Hop in the mid-80's...only a few songs tho'. JJ+FP waz amougst the few Hip-Hop artists that i heard, Run-DMC and L.L. Cool J being there also. By He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, i waz definitly a fan cuz i could put the JJ+FP music with the faces. They've been my favorite group since 1991.
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The first time I heard Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble was when I became a JJFP fan. I've been a fan ever since then. At the time there was such a diverse group of rappers that JJFP just blended in with their own style. Hip-Hop back in the mid-to-late 80's was the best!
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i strted really listening to music only in 1997 and the first music video i loved was MIB, then i said to myself "heyy... that's the same guy from the fpoba". from that day i started to look for information about will smith and become a fan of him and jazzy jeff. :rock: :rock:
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I've been a fan of JJFP since the 1st time I saw The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air when I was 10 years old back in '95. Since then, I've bought their CDs, watched all will's movies, and taped damn near every Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air episode.
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nt really sure i think since very fpoba days because all of will smith thing began here (in mex) as an actor and not a musician. then i saw bb, id4, mib, and when the song (mib) came out, it was the coolest thing i ever heard, one of my favorite actors became a rapper! so wow!
a little research later and what??? he has so many records before that, became a little interested,then on one of my trips to the school in the radio begins to sound: nana nana nanana (gettin jiggy wit it) and you know latino ppl just love to dance, no way i couldnt get to dance with dat dope beat, then the radio guy: "y este fue will smith con gettin jiggy wit it" aqui en su estación favorita la 96.1... nice moments but when i became full fan of will was when i heard WWW, i know its not your favorite song but i just loved that rhythm, in fact my first will related album was the soundtrack of W3 then later every single album (available in mex) is mine.
as days go by i become a bigger fan of his, and more into REAL-DOWN AND OUT- HIP-HOP. Edited by eljuancho
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I became a will's fan when fpobl started in Italy. but I didn't know he was a rapper. A day, I saw on mtv Gettin' jiggy wit it video... and it was love at first sight!! I bought BWS and I listen to it thousands times!! that kind of music made me feel good, helped me in bad times! With willennium I understood what the real hip hop was, and I became a real fan!! jazzy jeff and fresh prince forever
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