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  1. Are we talking wages or how much the films took? Cos trust me, Will has a LONG way to go in order to even get close to Indy and Star Wars.
  2. Anyone notice Will slides this line into most of his films? Almost like a catchprase. Watching Will for years and only recently notcied this.
  3. I believe Harrison Ford is the highest grossing actor in film history.....so far. He has been in 6 of the top 10 grossing films EVER. (Indy & Star Wars) I think Will has a LONG way to catch up with Harrison.
  4. He swears on "Mr. Niceguy" too. He says Eminem which to me translates as sh!t. :wiggle: I do actually use Eminem to mean sh!t. Try it out. Oh man, that is a load of Eminem. You need a shower, you smell like Eminem. See, it works. :slap:
  5. At the mo, I'm reading The Crow (James O' Barr) graphic novel....or comic to give it a more accurate name. Far better than the film, and the film was fantastic. Must have read this comic well over 30 times now and still enjoy it.
  6. Jeff is on the new Will album more than you think. Just listen to it and it does not sound like he's around that much.......then check the credits.
  7. Persoanly I think JT has made a damn fine transition from boy band to solo artist. NSYNC were crap....but that does not mean JT is. JT is one of those that keeps getting better the more I hear him.....and I'm far from being a fan too.
  8. Switch is crap.......sorry but it is. By far the weakest tune on the album. Why this was the launch tune, I have no idea. There are FAR better tunes on this album than Switch.
  9. That there will ever be a new JJ + FP album? I think Will has moved on and Jeff is more than happy to go back in time. I know Jeff is all over Will's new album....but it's still not JJ + FP is it?
  10. Is it just me that thinks Will and Justin should work together?
  11. I think Switch is by far the worst track on the album. I have tried to like it....but I can't.....though the re-mix is damn fine.
  12. Best? It's a toss up between Pump Ya Brakes (Snoop is back) and Tell Me Why(the way Will gets pissed in that tune kicks arse)....shame Mary J comes up and ruins this tune, as always. But on the whole, damn fine Will album. BTW: Is that Biz Markie doing the backing on Pump Ya Brakes? Loretta is too much like Stan....which M & M's will slag Will off for....watch this space. But there were tunes made about fans before Stan. Though I do think Stan is one of the best tunes......EVER!!!!! Shame M & M's was crap after that.
  13. Ya'll know of the Hitch appereances he will make in London & Manchester yes? Well seeing as Birmingham is England's 2nd city, you think Brummies will be left out? Oh no. Mr Smith will be poping up at the UGC cinema on Borad Street, Birmingham on Feb 22nd. So all you Brummines, or those close enough. Come along and see the man in the flesh. I tell you, I can see the UGC cinema from my window, so I'm close. I wonder if he'll remember me?
  14. What is fact and what is just rumors? I have heard all sorts of when the new single and album drops. Anyone know for sure when and what the album contains?
  15. I love Will, one of the best actors around today. And I'm not saying that was a Will fan, he just is one of the best actors. But he is not Neo, fair play to big Will for turning it down. Cos he just was not right for the part. Al Pacino = best actor EVER, but he could not play Neo either. You see my point? I don't think Keanu was "perfect" for the role either, but he was damn good. Imagine Johnny Depp as Neo. Now that is perfection. Will was so damn right to not play Neo. Remember, Will turned down palying Ali for AGES. But now he has, who else but Will could have pulled it off........no one. I mean, if there ever was a black James Bond, then Will is the man. Going back to Will not understanding The Matrix. I don't think that is true. The Matrix is a very easy film to understand and Will is not stupid. So I can not believe that Will turned down the part of Neo cos he did not get the film.
  16. You don't know what a Mini is? (please tell me you are joking) Have you never seen The Italian Job? The Mini is only the second most famous car in the wrold....after Bond's Aston Martin DB5. New caption. Will gives birth to new Mini.
  17. "I hear Indians." "New York, I though those damn aliens blew it up in ID4?" Even when Will sleeps rough, he still looks good. "Hey Will, a Futon is better for your back"
  18. Now that is funny. A Jedi master on his day off. :hilarious:
  19. MJ is the man, nevermind all the crap he is going through, guilty or not. He is still one of the best artists on the planet. But there is one thing in my MJ collection I really want. Thriller. I got my old orginal 20 years old beat up copy of it with all the features. But if I play it anymore, it'll be destroyed forever. I want them to release an all new Thriller DVD. Have the 14 min masterpiece on it, and the orginal docu that came with the VHS version 20 years ago. Then add new features. New intervews on the sucsess of the vid, the impact it had on the world. Never before seen behind the scenes stuff, goofs while filming, ect...... I could go on all day. Come on, it's been 20 years. Release an aniversary edition allready! I brought the special editions of his albums recently, they have never heard tracks on too. The infamous never before heard 2nd verse from VP's Thriller "rap". The box set sounds nice too.
  20. I'd love to see Will as Pres. But I think the only way that will happen is if he plays him in a film.
  21. But how can someone credit God (good or bad) if you don't believe he exists? Look at my orginal post, I didn't blame God, I blamed nature. But I do blame God for not doing anything to prevent it. If he does exist and he let 1000's of people die, how can God be good? What was the reason these people died, and why didn't God do anything to prevent it? If God could do nothing to help those that died, then he is not very good at his job is he? How many of those that died did believe in God. More than those that did not I bet? If that is what you get for believing in God.....you can keep it. There is a saying going aroung that "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making us believe he does not exist". I say "The greatest trick the Devil pulled was making people believe he was God". There are just way too many bad things in the world to point to any existance toward a good God of any type. If there is a God, all I'm saying is he is not as great as people believe him to be. No one can not proove that God exists. Faith is such a small insignificant word, and I can not proove that he does not. But when you see something like recent events. I think that a non existant God makes much more sense than a God that looks over us and protects us. Cos he certainly did not do a good job of protecting those people did he? Maybe he was busy watching TV, opening his Christmas presents or something. We have been down this road before on these very boards. And I made my point of view clear then too. I don't mean to offend anyone, if I have then I apologize to you all. But people do post about God and thier belief in him, so why can't I (and others) post about my dis-belief in him? It's only fair I think. It's up to you as a person if you agree with me or not, you don't have to and I don't have to believe in a God. There is where the problem lies I think. People that do believe in a God tend to be sheep, where as people that do not, tend to be much more free thinking. I have seen far too many bad things in my (and others) life to even come close to believing there is a God.......strange really when you consider I was brought up to believe in him and was a regular church goer. But then religon was FORCED upon me, religon normaly is. Then I grew up and statred to think for myself instead of having people think for me. Nope, can't agree. There is no God. Or if there is.........maybe he really is the Devil or maybe God and the Devil are infact the same enitiy? Everyone/thing has a good and bad side, maybe God does too. Again, I apologize to anyone that took offence by what I have written. but at the same time, why should I apologize? I have as much right to NOT believe in God as you do to believe in him. Still 1000's of people have died just by living thier lives. Hardly fair is it?
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