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I told K Smith on facebook about it and he said he didnt know she had a twitter and that he would look into it to see what happened.. Maybe he did.

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Lovetowill is a member from the Will Smith Sony Message Board from back in the day who pretended to be 3 different people. She pretended to be her own best friend and told us how one of them died in a car accident on her way to see Men In Black II at the movie theater. She posted this after not visiting the board for a month or so. Someone did some research and realized that they posted something AFTER they were supposed to have passed away. After the confronting them, she fessed up to be 3 different people on the board. I forget the other names. I remember we were all pretty mad at them.

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Ha ha AJ that's pretty funny seeing those events come up into the mix again after all these years. I remember all that junk happening, it went down at the beginning of 2002.. remember when HarryN 'proposed' to willsgirl/love2will, and 3cookies was going to go to the wedding? Ha ha. I can't remember what really happened other than that, though do remember that willsgirl was hitting on me and Wes before someone found out that 'willsgirl' should actually have been 'willsguy'. Ha ha.

Edit: I almost forgot to comment on the recording news! Be interested to see what comes out of it.

And hello, by the way. It's been a while.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm not really sure how best to answer your question about where I've been, Julie! It's fair to say that I fell off for a good few years.. maybe about 4 to be precise! I suppose the honest answer is just to say that life got in the way.

I remember not long after the millennium, in my first year or two in the original WS community, I could never understand why online friends kept disappearing. I guess in this environment people are always going to come and go as circumstances dictate, though it's still crazy to be reading posts written today by a bunch of names I don't recognise. I suppose one generation of online fans has been replaced by another. Nevertheless, it's really great to see a couple of familiar cats still holding it down after all these years.

At risk of going wildly off-topic, I recently stumbled across an internet time-warp circa 2002 that I'm sure one or two of you are familiar with, and thought the likes of AJ and fan4ever might get a kick out of seeing it again: Will Smith Fan's Domain Message Board.

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