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Will recording with Game produced by the Neptunes

Guest Fresh&Jazz4eva!

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Without sounding too patronising... I Told Ya So!

Imma look like a complete knob if nothing comes of this now, haha. Fingers crossed, sounds dope!

lol its ok, i really dont mind any i told you so's in a situation like this.

Oh God if this isnt true tho, i think we're all gonna jump off a building.

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Maybe Game asked Will to be on one of his songs...that would be the worst case scenario for us FP fans.
The FP working with The Neptunes is exciting news but The Game ? Here's hoping for the best.

The fact that Will is in the studio recording is more than exciting enough for us crazy FP fans
but now he's working with an amazing producer on top of that ? Best unexpected music collab news ever ?
I think so.

I really hope The Neptunes are producing an album for Will Smith and The Game just happens to be on one of his songs and not the other way around.

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