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Will recording with Game produced by the Neptunes

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LOL guys. I totally made that article up. I REALLY thought you guys would catch on when you read "Whip My Pistol (Back and Forth)" line. I mean, really, a 10 year old singing about gunplay with a grown man?! I thought we'd have a good laugh and move on. In the end though, I gotta thank you guys. Believing this was a much better laugh for me. So I appreciate that. You can continue to hold out hope for a Game/Will song, but I wouldn't count on it. If anything, I think this joke showed us just how much we WANTED to believe Will was coming out with new music soon and just how quickly we were willing to believe he wasn't.

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Haha I did think the article was real, I however also wasn't sure if the author had his facts straight haha. I however still do think that this was for Willow and not for Will. I mean, Luda made a song with Justin Bieber, so did Raekwon (!!!) so a beat by Pharrel and some rhymes by Game for Willow doesn't seem that far off.

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No I seriously believed this.. like Julie I skimread it.. I went from thinking Will had done some music to he was never ever gonna do music again--it was the end... damn you Chris :hissyfit:

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