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Will recording with Game produced by the Neptunes

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What is this? lol

Game Ft T.I. And Robin Thicke – Pushin’ It Lyrics

[The Game]
I let your friends talk bad about you
I didn’t lisso (listen)
behind your back calling you a H to the Izzo
I apologise lay your head on the pillow
Mr and Mrs Smith and we can have a little Willow
she can shave the sides put a couple lines in it
and we can have spitzers put a couple limes in it
throw a Bar Mitzvah put a couple dimes in it
she go see a Drake show but never out of line with it
lyrics courtesy of www.killerhiphop.com
so very chance I get n-gga I’m in it
deep sea diving trying to see what I can find in it
so its mine illy and thats a Porsche aint it
so picture that and have Andy Warhol paint it
I’m a rude boy so Imma go get it up
Rihanna post Chris Matt Kemp
baby this is us
so talk to me
have you ever been to Cannes
yeah South of France next stop Japan
lets go…


full lyrics and audio here:

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He is trying to put up some Punchlines, name dropping like Drake, which I find pretty wack. But theres no pun intended there clearly..

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Yeah it's just a name drop like he always did, that obviously ain't Game's best verse there

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y'all probably don't care but, the twitter mystery continues:

Clarification....Willow & Jaden don't have twitters...I've talked to them about impersonators!

so jackie's assistant and taraji have both confirmed on their twitters

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LOL. honestly it seems like someone who may know them or their whereabouts, which makes it that much more creepy imo.
I mean W&J may be a little different in their parenting, but I don't see them letting their kid play on twitter all hrs. of the day. i don't know, just weird...

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Perhaps is one of them friends that seems to be in the pictures with her.. Also the vocabulary and the expressions seem a little bit too much for an 8 year old..

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Uh. We need Jazzy to comment on this news. Will won't give us an answer until months later (if that). Jeff seems a little more quick to tweet or whatever. I can't believe this news (and that it took me until today to read it....oh Flyers and their incredible run....)

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