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It looks like a mess of a trailer.

You can tell all the trouble they've experienced and are still experiencing kind of affected the trailer in a bad way.

Most shots seem unfinished, large portion of material not included because of this and it kind of shows in the trailer. Still the material doesn't seem as bad as I expected it to be.

The movie can still turn out to be good but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I think it is unfinished as well, The Dark Knight Rises trailer (the very first one) was called unfinished because not all the effects to the buildings were undone, and they used a bad clip for Gordon. But I am still hyped for this movie, i LOVE the first 2.....Hopefully it won't be added to the list of movies that had a great original, sequel but crapped out a third one.

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Barry Sonnenfeld Talks Hectic MEN IN BLACK 3 Schedule; Sequel Plans Teased By Rick Baker

The director discusses the hectic shooting schedule of Men in Black 3, while alien designer Rick Baker reveals just how much of a mess it was at times. Sonnenfeld also drops a potentially MAJOR SPOILER about plans for a fourth instalment.


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