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Men in Black 3


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Comic-Con 2011 : Men in Black 3

Makeup king Rick Baker (“An American Werewolf in London”) premiered footage from the troubled highly-anticipated second sequel to Barry Sonnenfeld’s sci-fi/comedy and in turn joked about some of the issues they’ve been experiencing on the worrying wonderfully-looking sequel.

Comparing the “Werewolf” and “Men in Black” experience, Baker said of the former : “We actually shot the script, you don’t do that today in movies. We’re still waiting to see what the script for Men in Black 3 looks like… I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

The footage he screened for the audience largely featured the film’s aliens – Jermaine Clement’s, Boris, a trendy-looking humanoid biker type with soulless-google eyes and some familiar-looking robots from the ’60s (Baker even wanted to have ‘E.T’ in there – on a phone -but the idea was rejected) like little green men and wild dancers.

I don’t know if I’m any more excited for the film though… are you?

Update! Here’s a video of Rick Baker talking one-on-one about the film itself, and a snippet from the panel itself:


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OMG, this film has got to get better soon! or it is gonna be a total disaster. Will is going to have to go around the world 2 TIMES for this one, lol.

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