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Cool. I'm gonna try to see the movie at Kinepolis :-) Remember when we said that waiting for more than 2 years for a new Will's movie was too much time??
Now it's only 2 months away!! Time flies.

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The Men in Black 3 Viral Campaign Expands

With the debut of the brand-new trailer this morning (check it out by clicking here), the Men in Black 3 viral website, themeninblacksuitsarereal.com, appears to be gearing up for something new. The below poster was spotted by ComingSoon.net this morning in the New York City subway.

Designed as a mock conspiracy theory blog, the site is run by "BugEyes126," a 14-year-old kid who posts information that he believes to be relevant in tracking down proof of extraterrestial life. By calling the number, fans have the option to leave messages about their own alien encounters with the suggestion that the recordings may be used in a future stage of the viral.

If you think you've spotted the Men in Black Suits (or have witnessed otherwise inexplicable phenomena), be sure to call 1-888-202-9797 and catch Men in Black 3 in theaters in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D on May 25th.


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Will Smith ‘65 in next MIB movie’

(Cover) - EN Movies - Will Smith will be a “65-year-old guy” when he completes the next instalment of Men In Black, jokes the film’s director.

The actor stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the science-fiction comedy franchise. Men In Black III is due for release later this year – ten years after its predecessor, and 15 years after the original.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has joked Will be making the films well into his old-age.

“I’ll tell you the deal with Men In Black 4,” he laughed in an interview with Empire magazine.

“There were five years between one and two. Ten years between two and three. And so we’re aiming for 20 years from now: summer 2032. Will is going to be a 65-year-old guy and I’ll be in a nursing home. It’ll be hilarious.”

In the newest instalment of the comedy film Tommy’s character, Agent K, is put at risk. Will’s character Agent J teams up with the young Agent K – played by Josh Brolin – to save his partner and the future of humankind.

Barry says Josh has done an amazing job at connecting with his on-screen partner.

“Will and I feared very much that what makes these movies work is the chemistry between him and Tommy,” he revealed. “But Josh did such a lot of work – he always had an MP3 player with him so he could listen to Tommy’s voice. And what we learned was that Tommy created such a strong character, and Josh was able to wear it so perfectly, that it feels like we’re only watching one person.

“At least we’ve got Josh Brolin now to carry on with Tommy’s part....”


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