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Will Will Smith Coming to Spain to present MIB 3? I want to surprise sb.

Hey, another Spanish over here! :wave2: Welcome. I'm sure he'll come to Spain to promote the movie next month.

But, is it possible to know which day will be in Madrid?

I don't know about that yet, I just know he'll be in Paris on May 11th, in Berlin on May 14th and in New York on May 23rd. And he'll probably be in UK on May 16th. But I don't know which day he'll be promoting the movie in Madrid. We'll know it soon though! :)

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Cine PREMIERE magazine Mexico reveals it's May issue cover featuring Will Smith as Agent J (with a variety of retro aliens from his travel to the past!).


Plus, the official site of the magazine previews another new pic featuring Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Smith).



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Some new pics here:



'Men In Black III' Ice Cream Flavors to be Featured at Baskin-Robbins

Lunar Cheesecake ice cream and Agent 31 sundaes are among the themed-treats set for release on May 1 to promote the sci-fi film.


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Barry Sonnenfeld Declares ‘Men in Black III’ a Return to Form

obviously we discussed the problems with the second movie, so what would you say to fans who are maybe skeptical about a third film because of the last one?
I would say they're right to be skeptical. I don't think we delivered what we should have on Men in Black II, and I admit that. I think it was a good movie, but not good enough. I think that Men in Black III is as good or better than the first movie. I think it's got a fantastic story, great characters, and the 3D is unlike anything you've seen. Don't go into Men in Black III thinking you're going to see Men in Black II, because you're going to see Men in Black I.

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'Men in Black 3' Clip: Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones Fight Aliens (VIDEO)


Awesome New Chase Sequence Clip from Men in Black 3


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Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes of 'MiB 3'

Will Smith is back as Agent J in Men in Black 3 – with a double dose of Agent K, young and old -- and tonight ET has an exclusive look behind the scenes at one of this summer's biggest sci-fi sequels! Watch the video for a sneak peek, then tune in tonight for much more!


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