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  1. I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine, who does remixes under the name Urban Noize and he was telling me that Will wouldn't make a comeback "this late" in his career. I disagreed and suggested what if that intro was a tidbit to new songs coming out soon in the form of a mix tape, features on other records, or even better yet, AN ALBUM! Thoughts? can this be a tidbit to something more? or just a one time thing...... And sorry i haven't frequented here much. I originally only came here to scoop the rare tracks but seeing that i would need to be active, i would need to post more and be involved.....then college came up and that kind de-railed but i will try to be active again!
  2. I heard the Will Smith Intro and i must say, i am psyched.....Not having heard the first 2 tapes.
  3. It was catch, and as mentioned before, it was for her age range. Fireball was horrible because it was repetitive but not quite catchy. I hope her reboot of her dad's song doesn't flop. maybe with good marketing and a new fp verse it will blow up. Same for other singles.
  4. Hmmm interesting. a sequel? Well ive never seen the original Jaden Smith version, guess i will be watching that, followed by a trip to the cinema. Any cameos likely in this?
  5. This record is going to be HOTTTTT. But will it be old school-ish records, or new updated sounds like Coming to the stage or Tell me why?
  6. Niiiice. i like that Ebony & Ivory woulda fit on beat lol. Great mashup tho, good use of the clips.
  7. I think it is unfinished as well, The Dark Knight Rises trailer (the very first one) was called unfinished because not all the effects to the buildings were undone, and they used a bad clip for Gordon. But I am still hyped for this movie, i LOVE the first 2.....Hopefully it won't be added to the list of movies that had a great original, sequel but crapped out a third one.
  8. So, for those who don't know, i am a songwriter, and i had the pleasure to network with these 3 wonderful people. Kyana Fanene, Isaac Taylor, and Sabrina Chaco and ill have a video of Kyana soon. I need to redo the topic title, cuz i wanted to showcase these 3 people who i am working with, not just Isaac
  9. It's a beautiful song, but i think he coulda done better tho, Still love Jason nonetheless. He did a web-series with my friend Eric called Gratitude Cafe Tour Series by the way.
  10. I agree, his album was amazing. Nice to see FP out with other artists in public. If only it translated to music.
  11. Ok, i find it really difficult when people give i to him easily without a "fight"
  12. I can't help but wonder if people with their sayings are correct, But in some cases people seem to let things go or stop short without following things through. Like correcting behavior in an unruly child or something. If they argue, is it better to let them fight and start a fuss or keep going until the behavior is corrected? Im asking cuz my mother doesn't get it when my brother gets out of hand. Just a general question.
  13. Me and my buddy got this idea to mashup the two songs, We changed the title of the video because we figured people would be searching for the performance on the X-Factor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-EOua-COsM
  14. lol. In my oppinion, having the album name under the duo is non grata. From reports i have read here, Will is comin back on a solo deal. It would be cool tho, no doubt, I do hope Will stays to his roots and doesnt comeback entirely off-base just for airplay. I am still hoping for some collabos or a mixtape for promo before the album, i can think of a few records id like to hear him go in on :)
  15. Willows music is most definately aimed at younger teens, but i think there will be more on her album then these 2 radio friendly songs with simple lyrics.
  16. Well, if JJFP can follow suit as some others have done, they can take a Heavy D acapella, and make it a feature like they have done to Biggie for MJ and such. But i am sure Will would add some legends on his album too.
  17. Hope Everyone had a great thanksgiving!
  18. Willow definitely doesn't need autotune, i actually like her version.
  19. Yes it is. Is it covering both parts of his life? before and after vitiligo?
  20. Always great to see Will out, and also paying his respects
  21. I agree with Da Brakes, no Jackson movie tops that movie. i only hope this movie is done tastefully and is not milking his name and later years in life. Who could play him?
  22. I think Jaden Lacked a lil bit with his rap tho i was able to dig it. JB did a good job on both his verses.
  23. I agree. Seeing Jazz work with Willow spiked my interest, but i didn't see myself possibly buying the physical CD before this came up.
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