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Starting a new thread that leaves out "CIty that Sailed" and will just focus on Men in Black 3 , which is gonna be Will's next flick.

Found this on a blog: http://foemuck.livejournal.com/ Seems the film is in pre-produciton and will be in 3D

"i had such a good day! oh lord, such a good day. men in black 3 is in pre-production so they were doing 3D tests on the lot, and paul in line to post-produce. at first i thought, "but it's been 8 years since the last one!", but all the actors are back on for it and most of the crew is the same. i stood around and watched will smith's stand in point his gun at the camera, while everyone scurried around doing their particular jobs. i had a moment of panic when i thought "which of these jobs do i want to be doing?" and i realized i didn't know. it's okay, i have time. right? right. it was boiling hot (for the first time since i've been here!) so i snuck away to take care of some office stuff, and then paul called me and very stealthily told me to come see mr. smith. so i hung out on the sidelines, watched him goof around with the director. and he put that character right back on, so convincingly. all he was doing was pointing a crazy looking gun at the camera while it moved in on a dolly and pretty extras ran around behind him. but they had to try it out with a blue screen, with a digital camera, with the snazzy new 3D camera! so interesting. and, he is so very handsome and will smith-like in person. he's got this bad ass energy that just smacks ya. i saw him all over the lot after that, including on my favorite couch outside the mixing theatre where i've been spending all my time lately. we made eye contact but he went back to being boisterous with some guy. why do i still get star-struck! i'm stopping immediately. i think it sort of makes everyone giddy, but you have to learn to hide these emotions. "

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I think this is the return to Big Willie that we've all been waiting for. The 3D just makes it extra cool. I have no doubt this film will look amazing. Something you can count on Barry Sonnenfield for. I just hope the movie is funny. Who can forget Will's scene with the pencil in MIB1 or the scene between him and Linda Fiorentino, with the alien hiding..and he thinks she's coming on to her. I just hope it's funny and the script is somewhere near the 1st. Also the movie needs to be 90% Tommy Lee and Will from start to finish.

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No, the franchise wouldn't be the same without Sonnenfield. It's like the difference between Batman Returns and Batman Forever...without Tim Burton, the vibe was totally different. I'm not saying it was bad...just different. We know the movie will be funny. We know it'll be creative and visually amazing. We know it'll be entertaining. I just hope it's stronger than the 2nd movie. I'd like them to step outside of the 90 minute time frame they have limited themselves to in the 1st 2 movies. I'm sure everyone would be happy to see a 2 hour MIB movie as long as it's good. Alot of franchises stop at the 3rd movie so they need 2 rockstar the joint out with a crazy, big, unpredictable, and longer story. I wouldn't be mind seeing cameos from some of the old characters as well as new ones. I remember me and Tim always saying Jazzy Jeff needed to be make a cameo as one of the aliens. New music is a must for this. I was just listening 2 Big Willie Style last nite and remembering how dope 1997 was with MIB and Big Willie Style, the music videos, the singles, the awards.

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I agree with AJ, its just that after MIB Barry hasnt been able to bring nothing significant to the plate.. Naming WWW and MIIB as examples..

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Yeah "Men In Black" brings back great memories of that "Big Willie Style" era for me too, ever since I heard there's gonna be a "Men In Black 3" I feel more optimistic that there's gonna be some more music, I don't think "Men In Black 2" was as bad as people made it out to be either 'cause it had some funny moments plus it has sentimental significance for me as well since I got a cool picture from that film in my high school graduation yearbook and of course they had that "Men In Black 2 MTV Special" JJFP performance right where I'm at in Seaside Heights back in '02

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Will Smith confirmed for 'Men in Black III'

Sony to release 3D sequel on May 25, 2012

Will Smith looks to don a pair of black shades again, but this time of the 3D variety.

Sony announced "Men in Black III" will get the 3D treatment set for release May 25, 2012.

The "Black" installment will reteam Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld. Smith has been rumored to topline one of two projects as his next vehicle: "Black" or 20th Century Fox's "The City that Sailed."

Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will produce the series' third offering, which is penned by Ethan Cohen, based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham. Steven Spielberg will exec produce.

"Sony's summer of 2012 will get off to a red-hot start with an incredible new 3D adventure for the Men in Black," said Jeff Blake, Sony's chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution. "We couldn't be more excited that the original filmmaking team responsible for the first two worldwide hits is reuniting for this third installment."

The "Men in Black" franchise has grossed worldwide north of $1 billion collectively.

Production for the third installment is set begin this fall, with Tommy Lee Jones in advanced negotiations to reprise his role as Agent Kay. Josh Brolin also is in talks to star as a young Agent Kay.


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'Men In Black III' Script 'Looks Really Good,' Josh Brolin Says

'I can do some actual acting work within this franchise that everybody knows,' he tells MTV News.

Will Smith probably has to hook up a pair of 3-D-enhanced, Neuralyzer-blocking sunglasses, 'cause he's headed back to the big screen as Agent Jay for "Men in Black III" ... in 3-D.

Shortly before Columbia Pictures' announcement about the film's May 2012 release on Friday (May 7), MTV News spoke with Smith's new co-star, Josh Brolin, about the upcoming flick. Though he hasn't yet inked a deal to play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent Kay, Brolin spoke effusively about "MIBIII" and exactly how he decided the role was right for him

"It looks really, really good," he told us. "I can't tell you the story, obviously, but they pitched me the general story, and I was like, 'Eh, I don't know if that's really my thing, man.' I was extremely grateful that they were even interested in me. But then they got more specific with the story, and I go, 'Yes, that's f---ing great!' This is a character where I feel like I can do some actual acting work within this franchise that everybody knows."

Neither Brolin nor Jones have deals in place, but Smith has already signed on to reprise his role. Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the first two installments of the franchise, will return to the director's chair for "MIBIII." The film is set to hit theaters May 25, 2012.

We had lots of questions for Brolin earlier this month, but his lips were sealed on almost everything. "I can't confirm or deny anything," he laughed. "Nothing! Bummer for you!"

He did say that he expects to begin shooting in New York City in the fall. But he hasn't yet seen Etan Cohen's ("Tropic Thunder") draft of the script. "I read something early, early, early, but it's very different than what is being written right now," Brolin said.

What he did read was enough to get him excited. In fact, he recently found himself returning to the 1997 original. "I just watched the first one again a few nights ago and loved it," he said. "Loved it!"


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So is MIB3 gonna be Will's next movie ? Or will he do one before MIB3.
Will said he'd take off a couple months and even thought that Jada's 6 months plan was too much off time for him
but seriously his last movie opened in 2008 christmas it's a long time till 2012 that's 4 years without a Will movie.
That's just surreal I seriously can't wait till 2012, I just can't. Sorry for the rant.

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2012??? I hope they make a great movie.

I don't think Will makes another movie before MIB3, last December when they were in Norway Jada said she was the one working at that moment and that he will start in the fall.

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