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  1. Is that all he said? "Will doesn't have to swear to sell records, but he does..." Or did he add something else? ← There was something from encore that seemed more malicious. It was something to the effect of flipping the line of Will's ( Rapper slash actor) I'll look it up because I'm not quite sure what song it was but he didnt say Will's name directly but who else could it be. I'll post by tonight.
  2. Just One Of Those Days Rock The House Dont Even Try It As We Go Time To Chill Then She Bit Me Jazzy's Groove Numero Uno The Man Of Your Dreams I'm All That This Boy Is Smooth Caught In The Middle It's All Good I'm Comin Potnas Afro Angel Born 2 Reign I Gotta Go Home Mr. Niceguy Lost & Found If You Cant dance
  3. I'm in Ohio and I kind of want to try and get tickets to the show in Philly. Artests in their home city is the best show you will ever see, trust me :mrt2:
  4. I always rip my discs a soon as I get them that way I never have to play them. Even though I have to because my burner is broke. Jazzy's Groove is one of his best cut records as well. I agree with how good Numero Uno is but the trake I like is Man of Your Dreams. With Jeff and Will going back and forth over a girl. I could totally see that happening when they werew growing up. :jazzy:
  5. Especially after K West made an @$$ of himself and made the whole game look bad :mrt2:
  6. Thank you so much. I thought I had a version of it on a mix tape but I havent found it yet.
  7. I Aways loved Everything that Glitters. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Everything that Glitters (Ain't Always Gold) Lyrics Aw man! Put that ol' dumb horn down Hey, Jazzy Jazzy Show this boy what some real music 'posed to sound like He-he-ha! 1-2-3-4 Now that's a record! Now that's a record! Go Jazzy, go Jazzy, go I want to be remembered for the songs that I sing Not only for the humour, but for the knowledge I bring To broaden the horizons of others is why I rap this Enlightening minds with my lyrical tactics In life everything ain't always what it seems But people are enchanted by things that gleam You know, bright fancy cars, big yachts and mansions On the beaches of Aruba with a girlie romancin Now I'm about to tell you a very interesting fable More fun than when you first got cable The moral to be learned from this story to be told Is that everything that glitters ain't always gold On July the 11th I was sittin at home Talkin to my girlfriend Geena on the telephone Flippin through the newspaper checkin the news When I saw an advertisement for a Carribean cruise It said sunny skies and romantic nights On an incredible ship and I got hype It said it's like the Love Boat baskin in the sun Promisin fun for you and for everyone I said that's dope baby you're down She said yeah we could leave right now The very next day I put the check in the mail And one week later we were ready to sail The brochure said that the boat was large But it was nothin but a broken-down barnacle barge! And if it wasn't for my girlfriend, I wouldn'ta went Because the captain was a cross-eyed hunchback with a limp The cruise was paid for and the food was free So I said what the hell and set out to sea It didn't take long to notice something was wrong The ship was a mess and we were the only ones on it I didn't wanna panic, so I chilled for a while Till the captain pulled up on what we thought was a deserted isle We looked on to the beach and almost went bezerk We saw 300 natives with spears and grass skirts! The said, "Hung-a-dung-a-digi-dung-da-do" I said, "Hey baby, I guess that means get off the boat" Their chief said they needed a human sacrifice I said, "Well, just take my girl - he-he - psyche" I was jokin, but things got serious Their leader came out and he was furious He got in my face and his breath was the worst I said, "Hey baby, you got some mints in your purse?" His breath was stinkin with dooky brown teeth And two big crusty ashy hairy feet The worst thing, he had no toenail on his toes And a big Teradactyl bird bone in his nose I tried to reason with him, he wasn't with it He said, "Tenga-shanko," that meant 'forget it' He said, "Gunga-shang-tang-da-bong-da-boo" That meant 'tonight we're having Fresh Prince stew' Then I saw it - no, it's not The big Indiana Jones people cooking pot! I wanted to fight em, but there was no way to beat em I thought to myself, 'Where's Tarzan when you need him?' Just as they were contemplatin cookin us up We had a major stroke of luck, a Navy ship pulled up The troops came off and they got us out of the pot And I said to the chief, "Yo, I get with ya, hops!" The guy that rescued us said, "I hate to tell you The captain of your ship, he had just escaped from Belview We've been following him and finally we got him We're sorry, there's no way that you can possibly get a refund" A thousand dollars and a weekend down the drain But a lesson well learned, so let me explain There's a very important message that needs to be told It's that everything that glitters ain't always gold
  8. This is my order but with the number I have bought because of losing or breaking or gettin stolen. Rock the House - 2 - I still have the Disc but its not Orig. He's the DJ - 4 - I currently do not have a copy of this Masterpiece. In this Corner - 1 - Still have the cass. Homebase - 3 - I have the disc. Big Willie Style - 2 - I have the disc. GH - 1 - Disc Will2K - 1- Disc Lost & Found - 1 - Disc Notice that I started taken care of my **** as I got older.
  9. I dont remember "You Saw My Blinker" being released? Actually I have to say its the most NON Will song I have ever heard. Just the fact that he cusses throughout the song and talks about breakin girls wrists and giving the court the finger and other things just kind of turns me off. Its kind of funny but I still think its the worst song he has ever made IMO. ← He only said bitch a few times, that's not cursing throughout the song, throw on Eminem's album and that's cursing throughout, lol, I thought it was one of the dopest songs on "Homebase" though, I don't know why they put that on there either, this is just supposed to be lists of our favorite songs anyway though, which would be mostly misses that never came out for me, since most of Will's best songs weren't ever released, especially in the Big Will era, like I would put tracks like "The Rain" and "Chasin' Forever" on mine instead of "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" and "Freakin' It" plus replace "Switch" with "Pump Ya Brakes". ← :iagree: But can you name me another song by Will that has the word Bitch in it? Its alot for him(thats what I ment)My Bad
  10. I dont remember "You Saw My Blinker" being released? Actually I have to say its the most NON Will song I have ever heard. Just the fact that he cusses throughout the song and talks about breakin girls wrists and giving the court the finger and other things just kind of turns me off. Its kind of funny but I still think its the worst song he has ever made IMO.
  11. From "Who Stole the DJ" I found an eye witness But his breath wreaked of chitlins All I know is his breath did pound Buddy forget it, just write it down
  12. You could easily find it on ebay too. ← Yea, I have seen a ton of them at used record stores for a buck apiece.
  13. Bad Boys 2 Was I right with Made in America? "Your wife said you arnt the man you were 2 years ago."
  14. I'll stick to the original, but thanks for lettin me hear it.
  15. I agree with LL and L.Hill. This may seem like sacrelidge but I think something with Eminem would be killer. Something along the lines of Good Cop/Bad Cop or something like Quilty Conscience. anything to contrast them but still get them both to flow seemlessly. Jeff has already worked with Em so I dont think it would be much of a reach. Not to mention I never thought I would see Will and Snoop, but here it is.
  16. Dont for get "Everything That Glitters Aint Always Gold" :dope:
  17. That must be from Code Red because I dont remember it at all. I have to admit at the time I was really into the harder rap. Can someone post it or something? As far as songs takin me back: Girls Aint nothin But Trouble - reminds me of an ex of mine that a couple of friends caught cheating on me. They came and got me and she made a smarta$$ remark about me and the star RB's girlfriend. She and her sister proceded to whoop her A$$ something awful. We had to go to court and testify about what happened. We lied our butts off. Nightmare On My Street - Takes me back to the concert they did with EPMD,PE & Run DMC. Seein Freddy K grab Jeff from behind and drag him off the stage at the end was a great memory. He' the DJ - My Potna Rico showed up with it out of the blue. Just walked in my room and closed the door and braced a chair up against it. He pulled out a QP and got us blazed :mygod: then he popped in the tape. :dope:
  18. I'm gonna have to check it out again because the first time I heard it I didnt like it. I felt he was trying to be too hard and his voice sounded straind. Not to mention if you go to any used record store you'll find 5-6 copies of it for a buck. As for "He's the DJ" it'll always hold a special place in my heart because that was the album that he was doing when I seen him in concert the first time. EPMD,Public Enemy,JJ & FP, & Run DMC. That was the badest concert I have ever been to. PE stole the show though with the S1W's standing gaurd with uzi's all around the stage and that was "Nation of Millions". I went by myself because I sold a poem I wrote to a friend who wanted it to get a girl. It didnt work out for him but I had a blast watchin Freddy take Jeff off the stage after their set. I think I was the only white dude on the floor that night. But, back to the topic at hand. I'll say Homebase was the best because of pure flow.I'm All That, Summertime, This Boy Is Smooth, The Things That You Do, Ring My Bell, and Caught In the Middle. The only song I didnt really like was "Blinker".
  19. Made In America "I loved that blender."
  20. I have the CD but I dont have the Original version of Girls. IE:Sugar Ray fight rather then the New Tyson version I just loved when he said that he hit her with a trashcan and ran like H@##. I just keep seeing flashes of Harlem Nights when I hear it.
  21. Mine in no perticular order are As We Go Time To Chill Numero Uno I'm All That Summertime
  22. Truer words have never been written. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Thats what rap is. Melodys are sampled and harder beats are added. Loop it and add some breakdowns and you have yourself a hit. Is it just me or is the rap that Snoop has on "Pump Your Breaks" a joke. NO flow at all and I have no clue what he was trying to get across. Once again Will said it,"People be clappin even when the rappin is wacked."
  24. I have to go with "Lost & Found" because I have been waiting for someone to say this for at least the last 10 years. It's funny, I started listening to Hip Hop again because of Eminem because at least he wasnt spittin the same garbage as everyone else. These new guys are just rehashing the same stuff NWA and Geto Boys were doin back in the day. The only difference is the beats. When Will said,"You dont even believe what you say no more." is so true. I'm sure 50 isnt still livin in the hood or bangin for that matter. His staying power is limited because he's miles wide and only inches deep. :rockon:
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