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  1. yeah i too haven't heard this remix thanks zeffbean_8 btw kbfprince maybe this mix X name that cuz nobody heard it :hmm: just kidding thats name is really strange
  2. isn't that little illegally cuz i think this is from the new single?!? or am i wrong?
  3. :shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead: yeah right man, you r a joke ,i find this in internet :word:
  4. Which part of him? You can`t say his voice is wack.. ← yeah this is for sure. i like very much the "Space Jam'' soundtrack 'I believe i can fly' and this is it.
  5. did anybody know some data about the tour? :hmm: i just can't wait :1-say-yes:
  6. sorry but : R.Kelly is wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  7. hell yeah,i wish this year and i feel the same :1-say-yes:
  8. i am so sick of this bull*****
  9. He sure want some tasteless porn. Say no! ← thanks man i like all kinna porn stuff so its will be dope but seriously that ' Say no!' mean Max have the video,right damn i wanna be a potha
  10. hey Max do u have the video pls uploud some parts with Will :wiggle:
  11. fresh_...... do u record and the part with LL cuz i too catch the show :hmm:
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