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  1. the audio quality does sound pretty good...i might get it
  2. they really need to make an album together again...hip hop just needs that right now..
  3. i dont know, it sounds like a diss to me...i want to hear more of the song before i decide.
  4. I tell people that will is/was your favorite rappers favorite rapper.
  5. Krs is supposed to have two albums coming out this year. One is called 'Life' and I think its gonna be out in June. Im not sure about the other, but I read that the marley one will come out in 2007. Might of read it at www.templeofhiphop.org
  6. Everyone just go to random music sites, mention the song and post the linke mentioned earlier. This one: http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/10032/...ary_j_blige.mp3 NOTE: We might want to keep the quality of the mp3 low (60kbs) so people have a reason to buy it and not just download it. Here are some sites with message boards: www.sohh.com www.ughh.com www.allhiphop.com www.hiphopsite.com www.daveyd.com www.mtv.com http://board.raptalk.net/index.php?
  7. My favorite part was when Jeff mentioned that him and Will made their first album in a hotel room in London using a turntable, drum machine, and a mic.
  8. Here is a link to a Dj Jazzy Jeff interview by onestopbeats.com. Its pretty interesting, especially the part about how him and Will recorded their first album. It is two pages. The link for page 2 is at the way bottom. I just noticed it. http://www.onestopbeats.com/jazzyjeff.html
  9. People would see the name "jazzy jeff and fresh prince" and just get that feeling...they would buy the record and just enjoy it, not thinking about much more than that....kind of like in "field of dreams" - 'if you build it they will come'
  10. summertime im looking for the one jeff was on the beat box he's the dj, im the rapper just rockin
  11. I hope they put out an album next year. It would be great to see them celebrate their 20 years making hip hop albums. "And In This Corner" was the firs tape I ever bought back in 1990. It hooked me on Hip Hop. I should probably frame it or something. :jazzy:
  12. is will still in san francisco for the filming of this?
  13. thats cool...i got the japanese version of Lost and Found on ebay a couple months ago...for only $15 including shipping
  14. Why is the lp longer? were there more tracks or were the tracks longer? Thanks.
  15. I just want to see how many people on this site own the album. Most people on here should own it, but i am just curious. It only takes a second or two to vote. Thanks.
  16. switch reminds me of some of those old party tracks that doug e fresh used to do...not a lot of lyrics, but the hook and energy of the track was very important
  17. i used to have it on the barcelona gold cds from Coca Cola, but the cd got broke...i thought it was a tight song...
  18. thanks...im listening to it right now...
  19. i have only heard part of the song...i would love to have the rest of it...that is a tight song
  20. that would be tight...i like promo stuff like that...a good addition to an album and a collector's item
  21. is it possible for someone to re-up this one more time? i have never heard of this song where did it come from? thanks.
  22. "In my next movie, I'm going to play stickman."
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