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  1. I am listening to the new Rakim album on myspace. Its incredible. http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.artistalbums&artistid=13386940&albumid=14201538
  2. Damn....WOW!!! Are these original jazzy jeff productions?
  3. tight mix. this is going on my mp3 player
  4. See I heard that much later..so it was very old school sounding..and I was used to the newer albums.. I got homebase first. I got And in this Corner first and I didnt like the He's the Dj album album at first. I also didnt like part of homebase at first also.
  5. I do the same thing sometimes.
  6. I didnt like homebase at first because they were too much R&B sounding compared to And In THis Corner.
  7. I am suprised these songs are so high on the list: – 13 Here We Go Again198 – 14 Pump Up the Bass 168 15 Time to Chill 165 16 Human Video Game 154 – 17 As We Go 148 I would have expected to see moer songs off of the Homebase album.
  8. I want one of "and in this corner' because that is the album that got me hoooked on hip hop.
  9. Record sales are down big time for Hip Hop, but a lot of people are saying they like it. I got a copy.
  10. I have the US and Japan version.
  11. Hero1, Hip hop lives came out on May 22 here in the US. I have heard clips and it sounds real good. I am gonna buy it pretty soon.
  12. Does anyone have a link to when Will was on Rap city back in late 1999? It was around the time Willenium dropped.
  13. I found a copy of the Japanese version on ebay last year. They are out there.
  14. the official tracklist is up on www.bbemusic.com.
  15. "I'm the first out the limo like Charlie Mack" -Black Thought
  16. I found a jazzy jeff birthday mix cd at the local record store. I think it was a mix he did at his birtyday, but they keep yelling future flavas through it. There is also a long interview with Jeff on the cd also. its the one pictured here http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_d...temCode=B176702
  17. Does anybody know where I can find some of the old Jazzy Jeff mix cds? I have hip hop forever II. That one is one of the best mixtapes I have heard. Thanks.
  18. that was a cool performance...hopefully they will regroup and we can see some more
  19. i gotta choose equal..different styles of rapping, but both good
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