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  1. damn 1st down 2nd i voted 3rd voted and check singles top 10 and will was nowhere to be found !!!
  2. yeah i gotta get in touch with will somehow and tell him to come to London ontario yoh mixmaster if you see him again tell him CANADA IS LOOKING OUT!!!
  3. man that would suck im turning 15 and ive seen so many rated r movies
  4. shoot i did it again haha thats the 2nd time i messed up... by the way thanks to all
  5. yeah i read that llcool j thing in there thats sweet
  6. yeah its alright i have it... bizzy is halirous aswell man but i think kon artist is my fav from d12
  7. haha sorry yeah i have all their cds aswell im just saying homie
  8. ok i was thinking and i thought it be cool to se who you all think will would do good in a movie with so.... my thoughts are jim carey chris rock chris tucker micheal epps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bruch willis and last but not least dave chapelle haha
  9. naw man 50 didn't do anythign to fat joe 50 cant battle everyonce and a while he comes with a good song but other than that everysongs the excat same.... jadkiss's diss checkmate killed 50cent so bad piggybank was a gay as hell song... common calling a song a dud haha
  10. yeah will should get a life time achivement award because of all the stuff hes doen
  11. haha thats jokes willsmith and jim cary should do a movie togather
  12. if your tlaking bout what im thinking about i think everyonce in a while something pops up....
  13. haha ncie lists anyone else??? by the way i havent seen the movie six degrees of separation has any of you seen it can give me some kidn of a review?
  14. :word: That's how I feel too. It's hard to keep up with a lot of forums, but I'm still trying to promote the album... ← :word:
  15. haha big will is getting old haha.... grey hairs and all.. thats cool you actually got to meet them i wish i could meet them myself it would be soo cool
  16. WILL IS ILL... wills cd had enough room for one of thoes tracks but he would have to exclude the other..
  17. yoh you should start a topic askign that excat question man
  18. yeah they are really miseducated about everything that goes on with willsmith
  19. fat joe dissed him back on a track called my fo fo he ripped him 50 can't rap so 50 lost to jadakiss fatjoe game ja and everyone
  20. yeah that celebrity death match thing would be really cool i never seen that
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