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  1. alright thats a good idea because i have TONS of stuff going on in my life right now
  2. yep do what you want homie if yyou want it have it yeah and that sign is jokes haha
  3. ok well i have started up a "free" site because im cheap.. and since alot of you dont have sigs i thought hey id upload a bunch i got alot of sigs i've made on there and there are free for yall to use where ever you want i will be putting more up as i make them i have lots of upcoming willsmith and jazzy jeff sigs... so be on the look out... like i said use them if you want... My Graphics/ hiphop site check it out lemme kno by the way its under graphics section
  4. ^^ haha yeah when people grow and mature they might look at past stuff an be like damn but thats not fault, and he probally doesn't feel like a hyprocrit because in "jersy girl" he says we really dont understand do we?
  5. yeah alright thanks man i like that idea of wrighting as a story first them turning to a script... so lets do this what are your opnions what kind of story do you think will open eyes ??
  6. i will add in snoopdogg drop it like its hot
  7. so far it seems everybody likes the same movies in different orders... Hmmmmmm...... maby its a concidence...
  8. one thing i dont get is... 1 part they are with will smith talking about i robot... and another part they are talking about fresh prince not having a movie career yet or sum thing im confused
  9. all i can say is DAMN haha that was a essay on love from the man jumpin lol ok well im only 14 turnin 15 in december 24 so right now i haven't really taken anything seriously... except 1 girl but ill tell the others aswell... heres 1 story all the others ill leave for a bit later my fingers are gonna hurt typeing this up haha... ok well i was talkin with some friends and i had just got msn... asking for e-mails and stuff right.. i got this one girl Natalie she was pretty beautiful, hot and what not.. lol.. so i stared talking to her for a while.. we started chyllin and stuff we was downtown at the hiphop study place near our pizza shop and she wanted to go in so we did we noticed some friends from school and we chylled with them and we were freestyling and stuff.. 10 min sumthing later i went to the bathroom and my homie chace was like "yoh ask that mami out now, she fly..." or what ever its hard to remember excatly.. and i was all like well she barly knows me G.. and hes like do it ya fag.. so when i went out they were still freestyling so i jumped in and started rapping i looked back at chace and hes giving me that look like "do it or you gay" sort of thing so i started rapping about her and stuff then at the end i said something like "hand in hand..... and its late now// and i love you baby common maby we can go out.../" something like that like i said can't remember excatly.. and she kind of blushed and stuff and said yes i looked back at chace and he gave me a thumbs up i was like all confused because i didnt know her that long.. well then time passed you know kissin and hugin bull.... da da... da... then i started talkin to her friend about a moths later and i get really into it... we become so close.. i go to the mall with some friends a while after and natalie comes to me and shes like baby i've been hearing things and i want the truth all mad and stuff and her friend sonia piped up shes like do you like natalie or not? i answered yes.. shes liek then why the hell you trippin and talkin to mel like you to in love and all that.. and ok well to make a long story short i ended up cheating on her and she got really pissed when she found out almost killed me because it was her best friend well what i learned from this is ...... TREAT GIRLS LIKE A HUMAN BEING BE WHO YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU SEE IF THEY DONT LOVE YOU FOR THAT THEN IT AINT THERE AT ALL... GIRLS AINT THERE TO BE A TOY YOU THROW AROUND AND TELL WHAT TO DO... AND HIDE FROM YUOR FRIEND YOU SHOULD BE EMBARASSED ABOUT THINGS.. ALSO IF THE GIRL WANTS TO TALK TO GUYS LET HER DONT BE SO UPTIGHT BECAUSE IF SHE LOVES YOU SHE AINT GOING TO LEAVE SO CLAM YOURSELF OR AS WILL WOULD SAY "PUMP YA BRAKES"!!!! :rockon:
  10. yeah i'll search aroudn for the prog in a bit
  11. holy reborn i didnt even know that haha i knew will was part of the aids awareness prog.. but i didnt know that other stuff and i wanna be a potna haha well ill be here forever anyways so its all good
  12. yeah i love the new smiley pack... at the other foum i was admin at we added a bunch of smileys they were custom!!! haha
  13. happy bday man that sounds cool waht u got
  14. ew thats gay i just sneek in haha
  15. thats cool i can't see the pictures tho can u send them to my pm i cant see at all (crys like a baby) haha please also thats cool you got to meet him he never comes to where i live or anywhere near it... which sucks and plus i have no money
  16. thanks everyone and hero hopefully your right cause theres so much going on right now even my rents have been sayin he wants to put me in the hospital untill things brush over because of the way everything has happened at once
  17. ok well I'm a wrighter and everythign i do anything haha rap, wright, graphics, bball, anything right and i got an idea yesterday when i was laying around bored as hell watching 8-mile :yeah: haha... but anyways i was thinking about wirghting a book/movie script, I need ideas from people, i want it to have people rap in it but not in the forum of batteling just like on pourch stuff... My Thoughts: I kind of want to go for something that will really catch peoples attention right and make people sad, and think about that situation, i want it to be able to relate to people in many ways. i want more then 2 main characters so that its different and everybody has a place when reading it. ok heres where i need help. Help: 1. i need people who wright aswell to share ideas and maby wright the story with me. 2. I NEED RAPPERS to help with the rhyme scenes 3. i need people who have had a really good life to help 4 i need people who have had very bad situations happen to help 5. and finally i need people to help me with the editing.... if nobody want to help it will be fine and ill make my own.... but i think it would be a really cool idea. also we could send it to a movie producer if we make it good enough...JUST LOOK AT THE MOVIE BOYZ IN THE HOOD that guy was just a college guy... Let me know in this thred or by pm.....
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