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  1. I feel sorry for both of them, but I still love Whitney, she's a legend, Bobby Brown in the otherhand, he's a coke addict, if he can push past that and hope for the best for these two.
  2. Jigga's Back!!!! I knew he would come back,
  3. Erm people, this is a everyday thing...everywhere....I knew some women who gave her 14 year old daughter weed, it's sad but it's real life. we gotta deal with it. thats all
  4. I watched it on TV, saw the second one coming and collided, shame it was too late.
  5. Haha thats great, I hope he brings a sarcastic side to eastenders, I wasnt wondering what they were up to.... Off topic: I watched "Raise Your Voice" with Hilary Duff on it last night and it had James Avery as the principal of the school...anybody know any other movies with him init???
  6. Bigges Flow and Wordplay was on point, If anybody nowadays can touch him on that part, it would be Jay z, he flows nearly the same as Big. Big Pun was dope and Big L, but whats the point in comparing completely different artists.
  7. That's messed up :lolsign: It would be a sweedish vanilla ice if he makes it into rap lol
  8. Bigge wasnt as talented as Pac', but back in the day that's how they saw rap, the way that he rapped was amazing, he's a better freestyler than Pac', but he isnt a better songwriter, And Big L was amazing, I recently heard a track with Big L/Jay Z, 2 verses from each of them, I wanted to know what it was called but never found out, And if Pac' was still alive today he wouldnt of got the props he is getting now, it's the same as biggie and Big L and Big Pun, none of them would of got the credability that they have got now, because most people don't know what talents they are listening to until they are gone.
  9. Thanks alot for this Ted, it was an intresting read, I saw mixtapes at a market the other day, and he had songs wit the fugees, mobb deep, jay z, and he wouldnt rap with them so it is unfair
  10. Hes heartbroken that he lost Jessica so he doesnt give a damn if he has 100 million or 100 bucks at the moment, And personally i think its unlucky, Jessica is a beautiful woman but found beauty in the inside of her...he just wants to move on.
  11. Theres plenty of things I could think of to do with them, Killing innocent people all the time, but 14 senior al queda shows how loyal they are, none of them have told us where osama bin ladan is...as long as hes out there, best believe there is terrisom, i think he is the only one who deserves the death penalty, not by lethal injection Let him suffer. :lolsign:
  12. I like the name how it is, why would u want me 2 change it for? playahater? :lolsign: Jus kidding lerkie, thanks for ya views
  13. Here's the link to a new song called "Playahaters Ball" Enjoy! http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...E9BA50C4FE65B21 If ya'll couldn't understand the lyrics, here they are Playahaters Ball Written By J-o-e & Pakalicous (J-o-e) U need to calm down, and get a hold of yourself But u can’t cause u made a fool wit your wealth Stop playa hating and get a real job, Ur a broke Bitch u can drink and hate, but fool I’ll smoke I’ll be making insults, from the left centre and right Playa hating on all u falls till it’s almost night Don’t need to fight, but let’s try and explain it Can have any way u want, homey just name it Any place, any time I’ll spit any rhyme on a line Get all my money and I’ll still be getting mine The thing that makes u pissed, is because I’m hot But when u drop a song n call it fire, I say erm not. Got all the things u got, so stop ****ing crying Ur lucky I didn’t a gat and make fools be dying But I’m a nice guy, so don’t try and retaliate As a matter of fact, keep your mouth shut, don’t hate It doesn’t do any good 4 u, jus like a dildo up Ur ass I can rap slow…but then I can switch it really fast I’m a genius when it comes to rap, no holding back Smack any fool who want some with a baseball bat I’m not solid, but if I get the first punch, Ur so down I’ll sleep wit ya girl while Ur unconscious, Ur not around I feel like I’m in a sharp space and need to go home But u need a bitch to bone while riding in chrome… No! (J-o-e) [Pakalicous] (You a rapper?) [Man I dont like you at all] (Fake ass rapper) [You aint even black at all] (Go before i smack you all) [i hope you break and fall] (It aint your fault) [it’s just a Playahater ball] (Pakalicous) ”I dont like him but i dont like you to The mind is saying yes, the dick is saying no to you You cant rap, you sound like old 2 live crew I was born a playa hater, with respect man **** YOU This aint no real hip hop, hip hop is almost dead Cuz im a king of the net, yeah i got almost cred Can call me Homeless Ted, but dont say my name You I blame, and when your music drops, it’s a shame Cuz i dont like you, that’s all that matters now im more clever and better, dont got no cheddar now I almost had a crowd, but they not happy now **** the westcoast and eastcoast and dirty south” Youse a G? Oh I see Dont be a creep and hate on people I feel If I like a rapper who’s a fake in your eyes Does that mean i dont know Rap? Just tell me Why? Tell me why do people like to hate on Joey Crack Tell my why do every hater wanna stab Jay-Z’ back And why freaks like Wendy(williams) does’nt make any sence Tell me am I a **** up cuz i liked 50Cent Your about to fall in this playa haters ball Chapelle was kidding, but you just hate them all It aint you fault, you was not born with it Im to grown to hate people from my own city
  14. I have no respect for 50, But calling the dude whack is just stupid, Ur stooping down to his level, I like a few songs from 50 and that's where it stops, and did you hear Kanye's new album? and you think he's whack? Thats wrong with hip hop, nobody respects eachothers views on music, Whats the point in calling them whack because u want them to, Who knows on 50's Forum they could be calling FP whack, All of your artists that u like they could be calling whack In my eyes whoever makes it into the industry can't be as whack as everybody is making out, I mean come on guys, so what if you don't like them, It's just so childish to carry this on, I'm sorry but that's how I feel about it, Why call them whack when they doing they own thing, It's just stupid.
  15. Yea Gettin Jiggy Wit It Is a Classic I think the video is often played on the "The Vault" channel, meaning old songs, then again it was released 9 years ago...so
  16. Love or hate puffy, the dude has got connections everywhere, whether it's in rap, clothing lines, perfume lines, etc...and 50 is trying to copy him, and Tim please get whack rapper number 1 away, it's just a bit childish dont you think man...come on ya'll grow up, they made it big so they cant be that whack if they making platnuim albums, only because we dont agree with it.
  17. Will's House, What A House That Is, I Thought He Said U Could See His Booth From The Kitchen? :lolsign: It would of been funny If Will and Jada was in at the time, And he got a a*s whooping as soon as they got into the house
  18. thanks for the tips, this isnt the version that will be on my album so don't worry...I'm still getting the hang of all this new technocolgy.
  19. Wow, thanks guys, how do I clear up the voice anyway? Is there a shortcut of doing it, or isit because I have a habit of moving the mic everytime I rap...I get a bit enegertic when I rap
  20. Hey Wasup ya'll, it's been a hell of a long time coming, but I've finally done an audio :lolsign: and it's called "World's At War" this version isnt the best but its the best out of the ones I got, I have a sore throat now and can't record till tomorrow lol, but anyway I need advice and any tips will be so useful, Thanks Enjoy!!! http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...455D53C7D3EEB2D
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