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  1. I smoke and drink, it's not a problem wit me i can hold onto my actions...i rarely do something stupid when i'm on weed or beer lol
  2. Well if the babysitter didn't leave the window open, there wouldnt of been a accident simple as, but it was lucky that 2 guys we're walking past at the time, that would of been tragic
  3. J-o-e


    that would be a good battle lol
  4. I'd say half a minute to a minute, :lolsign: i done this alot when i started writing, keep at it and you'll get there one day
  5. I can never catch you when your online haha, even when your online I can't catch you haha, anyway thanks i'll do that next time, i'm terrible when i'm using my goldwave, i aint got a clue what to do wit it except ruduce hiss and reverb lol
  6. Thanks for the advice man, I needed it haha, Yea I'm still trying to perfect my delivery on the mic, I don't think I should put reverb on it, next time i'll take off half of the reverb and try again, thanks man!!
  7. Hey ya'll wasup, me and FuQ finally finished "4 Us", I hope ya'll like it, it's on myspace and my artist page is new so bare with me :lolsign: www.myspace.com/joeytheemcee And just incase here are the lyrics.... (FuQ) From the USA to UK, it's easy to cross the Atlantic But it's more sharks in my country, struggle the way I manage They wanna damage rap, now how U figure that Be aware of where I'm going, check where I'm coming at In it for more than getting major sales out of stores Don't mind the power in my pockets that's easy to be tore Feel the reign of my pain in the game Can't contain when I come wit it *I gone too specific, but I rap nothing like mainstream gimmicks Right now I'm local, like area code digits I don't lie, I just try to find mine Put it down right wit the pen between the lines Grow up wit the rhyme and issues of the time Love it and I want to, but can't stay behind Not blind wit ice, that's not even 1/8th of my life Unless U count the liquids I drink to get cold Help me chill to the pressures that I always deal wit Rather desinagrate, I don't wanna conceal it like a dangerous weapon, I got a dangerous mind Put it in a paradise, that's real hard to find Not a relax, just a temporary getaway Use to dat old 24-7, but I get a day Get a say as the speaker thru the bass of their speaker Words that'll reach em, like a volume deeper Wit rapper/actor, give him the emmy I'm rapper/be smart, give me the MC Make sure I be what hip hop's suppose to Not like rappers that say they will, and don't come close to To the cultural movement To anybody wit the qualities to actually do it I'm from the 'City of Ones' Named after that dead president, George Washington Still, we unite nations wit a musical trust Hip hop still stands, but this the meaning 4 us (J-o-e) Don’t act like u don’t know, I’m in this for the flow A bit for the dough cause I’m broke, won’t say no more I’m a fighter till the death, in real life n hip hop So stop the bull****ting, I don’t want heads to knock I don’t want that part of the game, I can hold my own So don’t think u got me fooled if u sees me alone I was raised listening to 2pac CD’s, watching DVD’s Watching that snoop video when I didn’t have color TV But I got love for hustlers, who struggle to get cash But if u walk over the white line, Ur ass is smashed fast. Nobody got time to blast anything, it’s a white shock So please tell gangster rappers to stop, they not 2pac Most MC’s in London, don’t care about the weed they pass I’m a calm guy in public, but in this race Ur coming last This fame doesn’t work when it comes to making music But when dope rappers accept that burden, it makes me loose it The first time I smoked on a joint, I was on 14 years old Now I’m walking around looking so cold, but I will never fold Not in my nature to hate u, I try and keep things respectful U know when some 1’s fake when they suddenly seem acceptful Hating on Ur career for years, now that doesn’t make any sense I’m not on dime or nickels; I’m on these pounds and the pence. So make sure u pave the way because best believe I’m here 2 stay I’m that annoying sensation just like the weed that won’t go away Dope dealers on the block, trying to stay away from the cops And in the summertime is when u will have to wait before it drops…
  8. That's graet man keep it up, it's good to see you've found something to write about, keep it up man great work!!!
  9. That was amazing FuQ man, Sorry I never caught it sooner!! great stuff!!
  10. I dont care about his personal issues, what people think of him, he is, and always be a music legend, he could be locked up and do a album in jail, i'd sure as hell still buy it, i love the dudes music, and i think i'll be meeting my fellow british folk in wembly arena, right brakes?
  11. That dont suprise me, I like his music, but personally busta rhymes is just a busta.
  12. I didn't even know he had a wife, I knew he had one years ago but I thought they dirvoced years ago :lolsign: ah well, unlucky to MJ, and he is one of my idols, the way he jus changed my view onto music, without him I would be a metal head lol
  13. Wasup ya'll, this is only the first verse of a song called "The Rain" hope ya'll like it, the audio shouldn't be too far away either! Why does the rain come down my window pane, rapper’s souls taken for fame A race to place there name in the wall of shame, but who can I honestly blame? Nightmares in my sleep, my life’s torn from being happy, to make me go crazy Somebody please wake me, because I hear my next door’s baby, mother’s shady Too young but played the game too dumb, took crack so that she could feel numb But should I feel sorry for her only son? Before I complain the crimes already done Life shadowed by drug dealers, pimps and pushers, all they try to do is hustle Some we’re used to this life of struggle, the other’s just simply liked causing trouble They call me a menace because I’m on the street, chilling and drinking hard liquor Cops on my ass to make sure I make up my mind quicker, but the streets are sicker Money’s not important to me, but what was life supposed to be, eyes envy wit green I done heard the sickest MC’s I ever seen, turn into too much weed, n forget they dream It’s not a life I like, it’s the life I lead, wake up in the morning and do a dirty deed To some mother’s dirty seed, I’m doing gods work cause they full of greed, they’ll bleed What can I do instead of my peoples being dead, all I want is love from my family I try to run from insanity, I’m jus dying for my bed, the same people trapping me The rain came to much early, homey’s seeing a early grave, a lifetime of being a slave That’s why my blood sweat n tears pour onto a page, to empty out this anger n rage I’ll get tired of running away, I should stay strong and front my peers, for years I’ve have seen so many tears and ex convicts shedding down n telling me they fears I’m not a shrink but I have the power 2 make u think, make u stand straight, concentrate Once in a while we all need to smile, but on rainy days it’s hard to escape this fate I wished I lived a better life, 2 point 4 children at my side and a beautiful wife Instead of carrying this life, I’ll give 2 u and send u in a direction 2 see what it’s like I don’t pretend to be gangster, or a thug or a drug dealer, cause I’m none of them So if I have beef, I handle it with words or fists, I never want to pull a gun on them As B.I.G said, I wish death to nobody, because nobody in the world can re live death I’ll give u all my soul and heart with whats left, and I gave u my lyrics on my last breath…
  14. Will's album wasn't about sales or getting publicity, i believe it was him who decided it was time to make sure if he himself was lost or found, alot of artists respect Will alot more than they did before this record drop, so it wasnt about money or sales, it was about respect. The second single should of been Tell Me Why, Followed by I Wish I Made That/Swagga then Partystarter.
  15. I'm In All The Way I'm gonna try my best wit this one. i'm getting aggresive!
  16. This used to be on all the time on the UK Channel Trouble....but still insane
  17. I don't care what who's repuatation is, I liked "Bump This" so If the tracks are going to be like that i'm going to buy it, I'm sorry ya'll but that's how I feel, plus Just Blaze is a great producer....I'm not looking forward to listening to "G's" but that's life...:lolsign:
  18. yea but im sure it wasnt illegal, the videotape certainly was, but him being there probably not...
  19. Ted your condricting yourself, and I hate people that do that...say that we chat about Jay-z, but it wasnt me who made the post, yet you make posts about Krs everyday, not everyone here likes KRS either but you like to spend countless hours chatting about him, it's useless, n if you hear the lyrics he is actually spitting on "Kingdom Come" they are much better than dipset, how can u even compare the two, And Will And Nas can get the same beats if they paid for them, easily, it's not like Jay'z will say no 2 Will wanting to buy a beat...ofcourse he wouldnt...
  20. Kel can concentrate on being Kel Spencer, Will can understand that he would want to do things his own way, as for K Smith, well he's only 16, so if he drops a record where 50 cent produces it's something that he would like....I personally dont mind 50, some of the things he does is a bit stupid, but 2 a 16 year old really wanting to get into the rap game, its the perfect way to enter...but I think K Smith should work with Rocafella or Defjam...
  21. We're not here to compare, FP 2pac and Jay Z are all three different type of artists, they come from the same experences, but 2pac was the only one who told us what it was like because he wanted the public to know what it was like, Jay-z's "In My Lifetime" "Life Of S.Carter" etc. are brilliant albums...Instead of skipping the tracks to the producer you like, actually listen to his lyrics b4 u form a opinoin...shhh
  22. AJ Listen to songs like "Song Cry", "Meet The Parents", "Minority Report" Most Of The "Reasonable Doubt" Album, if you don't think they are lyrical songs, then I cant take your view on hip hop any longer...i'm sorry...
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