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  1. What else will he be wearing though? Serouisly? Is he gonna wear a T Shirt promoting another DJ's album? :lolsign:
  2. I dont see him, can u make a note of the minute and number please Julie? I'm real intrested in this.
  3. That’s that That’s That Girl, That’s As Much As I Can Act I Can’t Pretend I’m Not Missing U, That’s a Fact But When I React U Say That I Act Whack? Girl I Can’t Pretend Anymore, That’s That… Now I understand that, the fact that we acted was whack is under attack But now u blame back saying the way I react was so bad and that’s a fact I thought I could keep you in my arms and never loose it, I wasn’t stupid I just did the wrong thing made I just never did choose it, never abused it U was my girl for life, and I did things that sometimes I knew wasn’t so right But now u think that I’ve ruined your life? So wasn’t it me who made u feel nice? Maybe baby if we talked more in person that just phone calls and call collect That we wouldn’t feel neglect and reject, I made u a offer that u couldn’t accept And the result of that offer made my heart break, maybe u made the mistake Because in all these years my love isn’t so fake, one broken heart is all I can take But now being just friends isn’t what we need, maybe we need a break to breathe All I wanted to do was believe that the chance of u and me to be could be conceived If I left the face of this earth, would u cry by the fact u can’t rely on me anymore U knocked me to the floor ten counts and I’m sick of this, I don’t want anymore… That’s That Girl, That’s As Much As I Can Act I Can’t Pretend I’m Not Missing U, That’s a Fact But When I React U Say That I Act Whack? Girl I Can’t Pretend Anymore, That’s That… Where was u when I was down? My hearts lying on the ground with no sound No beating because no love was found, I try and call for u but you’re never around Your phones always off and it makes me wonder why, I’d rather die than c u cry I know u act all shy but let bygones fly, don’t look at me don’t sigh, I know when u lie I can tell when Ur upset I know when Ur angry, but I hate it when Ur mad at me Ur saddening me because u bring out the bad in me, even though u went thru agony When we met at school I was a fool but u came as a sign as clearer as fine wine All my life I just wanted to find a girl to wine and dine and hopefully one day call mine But during your history you’ve experienced misery, tell me now are u missing me? Are your female friends still dissing me? Why I loved you is still a complete mystery I could have been a hero but u made me look like zero, you are the one just like Neo But hatred isn’t all the things u know, u can put on a show and wait for Ur heart 2 grow Look at the people who made us are the same that played us, maybe they can save us U could live the high life look at how they wave to us, but now U got 2 be a slave 2 trust? That’s That Girl, That’s As Much As I Can Act I Can’t Pretend I’m Not Missing U, That’s a Fact But When I React U Say That I Act Whack? Girl I Can’t Pretend Anymore, That’s That…
  4. The same things as FuQ said really, I liked how simple this rhyme scheme was but there was alot of truth init, it just proves you don't have to be the smartest or quickest, u can simply say the truth thats why I like it anyway...Good Job and keep it up!!
  5. It depends on taste, if you like hearing a rapper say the truth 100% through his carrer, then 2pac is the greatest, because every word that came out of his mouth wasn't fake, it was true because either he had gone through it, or he saw it and picked it up, Me Against The World is one of my fav. 2pac albums also, But recenetly All Eyes On Me and Until the end Of Time we're closley followed, So I will say he is one of the greatest, because it all depends on your taste of music.
  6. Hip Hop artists are poisining the art form that we have all grown to love, we need more truthful artists and more albums like "Hip Hop Is Dead" a few more albums from Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-one, it's time for the old school to come back and say what hip hop really is, it's a way of life, it's not just a CD, hip hop is me, hip hop is you, hip hop is life.
  7. The only thing I'm dissapointed is that "Eminem: Presents the re-up" is actually above Jay z and Nas's albums which are about 10 times better than that peice of garbage, on the eminem album I like two songs, "No Apologyies" and "Cry Now Remix" and on Nas and Jay z's albums I like pretty much every song on both of there albums, I cant see how that works, nobody sees the truth in the industry these days, AJ why don't you take Jay Z serouisly? "Kingdom Come" is one of his greatest albums so far, he says so much truth on it. but we have our own opinoins and I respect yours:)
  8. I've never attended such an event :lolsign: mainly because I've just recenetly picked up a mic, I might join in and listen, there isnt much for me to say, I might drop in the occasional "yeah" or "cool" what equiment do you need also?
  9. I find this whole topic hilarous, for the guys who want a good girl, it's all about approach, you need to be confident while trying to attract a female, there's no point thinking that there out of your league because if you think that then that's your first mistake, if you go up to a girl, stutter or mis say things u didnt want to say, it wont get u far, do what I do, I approach a girl and talk to her as a normal person, she could look like halle and have a behind like J-lo but i'll still talk to them like they we're ugly betty, I don't treat no other girl differently because of there looks, I think thats immature, the same goes to girls, even though I dont know alot of girls who chase the guys, because they think that it's the man thing to do :lolsign: and when it comes to looks that is just shallow. nobody wants somebody who keeps saying he's ugly or shes ugly, I know I might speak for a few people when I just simply say I want a nice girl on the inside...have a nice day.
  10. Awww Julie, I coulda sent u a card lol
  11. "Maybe" isn't Will's worse song, and neither is "Willow Is a Player" I have friends who have that one album from Will and love all the songs, each song appeals to a person in a different way, personally my fav. track on B2R is B2R and Maybe.
  12. Chris Eagles Dad and My Dad used to be drinking buddies, I never knew him personally because he was a couple years older than me, but my dad said his dad was a good bloke...havent seen him since his son got that deal though haha
  13. Erm probably the football player that played for manchester united and watford. Chris Eagles, He lived up the road from me and I saw him on TV lol
  14. I wish they do come 2 the UK to do a show, i'd be getting a ticket and videotaping it for ya'll 2 see!!!
  15. Hey wasup ya'll, recently I havent wrote a whole song, I've wrote verses here and there but this one is to a song that I titled "Back Then" and hope that ya'll enjoy it! Back Then Written By J-o-e Back then music was pure; it gave us all the things we adore But not we wanting so much more rip hard flows freezing the core My music doesn’t explain me only; it turns the people that lonely Can come out and call the hater phony, **** off because u don’t know me When I’m mad people act like they don’t see me, they want 2 be me But I was just like a you a slave so free me, I paid the cost so dearly I don’t understand why there are imitations of the greats, all fakes One shot is all that it takes, grab the song and squeeze it till it brakes We need to understand and respect, drive away from negativity n reject But instead take it what we inject; it’s our lives as a whole in a project I was nine years old when Pac n Big got shot; my sister had CD’s to pop Back then I thought that it was a drop, and I heard 2pac hit a cop My life turned upside down when I heard they been dead for four years I shed four more tears for the years that have been taken from our peers Said keep your head up and more money more problems, a true spokesman Big took his toke’s man while in Brooklyn, 2pac let footprints in the sand We take there lives for granted, but when they taught us so much more Back then music was pure; it gave us all the years we ever adore…. But now I love music so much more, even if I go on tour I’ll make u adore I’ll try and say that life is much more than a chore, or a blonde haired whore U need to keep yourself righteous, keep your mind in the right places Stay in contact with the right faces; keep up with the paces 2 win races I can’t make sure my music can be pure, it’s up to ya’ll to decide that Write it down if u don’t want to say it, don’t put it away, don’t hide that It’s the truth, and the truth is bitterer than the white lies we tell But when did this society fell? All the innocent people in jail awaiting bail It’s a sad story but then they make our that everyone in jail is a killer There’s much more things to feeler, just because he’s in jail don’t make him realer He’s not tougher, he’s probably more scared that u ever been in Ur life Imagine if he got 2.4 children at home with a beautiful wife, awaiting strife Music’s the only thing he relates to, listens to fight music jus to hate to How would you feel if the system judged u? No girl in the world would date u I’ve been told I’m crazy, a bit wild but with my unique style I’ll make it while Spread true messages and make u smile, write it down keep it in a locked file My wounds are sore, the music I make is what I adore, Do u want more? But wait until my face sitting in the store, dream’s to go platinum times four
  16. Yup lol, I can speak for myself is that i'm probably the busiest that i've ever been in my life, Sorry Julie :lolsign:
  17. Hahaha that was the funniest thing i've heard in a while...i loved it man...
  18. Will does indeed do pop-rap, ever since "Parents Dont Understand" came out that was probably considered by people who didn't like rap as a pop song because they didnt want to admit that they like rap, but pop does mean popular so that's always a good thing..
  19. Another Hit!!!! I love this man, can't wait for "T.R.I.P" 2 drop!!!
  20. What affect does not having a father to raise you. Alot. I'm luckily enough to know my father, but my friends arn't, they we're left when they we're young, it's what inspires Em to be a father, not wanting to be like his, I think he had a line in one of his songs but can't remember, I don't have a explanation why Em and Kim keep getting divroced and remarried, it does seem stupid, but you got my point exactly, Entertainers are normal people like you and me, but how would you feel if you opened your bedroom windows and people flashing they're camera's, it makes you stressed, Will and Jada probably don't mind it, especailly Will because he's been at the top for around 20 years. Em's been around for not even ten, every young entertainer needs to adapt how 2 take the stress, Will n Jada have, Eminem hasn't.
  21. What people need to understand is when it comes to being the person to the music and the person making the music, it's like two different people completely, when you make a song about someone, you put your mindstate in that person, so when he made "My Baby" with jagged edge, he probably tried to feel how he would feel if he knew a girl like that, but since he doesn't write his own lyrics he jus spits on a page, I could never do that...even for all the amount of the money in the world, I could NEVER rap somebody's elses lyrics because it's not coming from the heart..Feel me?
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