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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. they change it everday. i was blasting that 2day
  2. He was in Driving School...He was the driving instructer who asked the boy to stop on a really steep hill and couldn't spill his coffee on drip or he would fail...:lolsign: it's an ok movie
  3. Exactly...JJFP will get one...maybe next year...maybe in 5, but they will get a honour for hip hop, otherwise it's stupid...and with them choices are good choices. They all deserve what they have done... Peace.
  4. There's one in St albans brakes, I believe it's on the high street but i am not too sure, i'd ask a mate who lives there for ya....there might even be one where i am :lolsign:
  5. Deep down Lil Jon has production skillz...hes jus not using them that well anymore...i dont really want to kill the guy lol
  6. Jazzy Jeff performed with grand master flash...that was dope...Ice Cube is a dope choice...he's been doing his own thing since he started...JJFP will be there soon enough tim, don't get ya knickers in a twist:lolsign:
  7. I would love if will done a mixtape..but realisticly i dont see it happening...he's got movies lined up...no time for a mixtape in the middle...he'll drop another album soon enough. :lolsign: i'll be 21 when he does but hey!
  8. I'mma be looking out 4 this one when it drops....thanks
  9. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Will Smith - Uhh Dr Dre - Next Episode LL Cool J - Im Bad
  10. Good luck with this guys, i'd be concentrating on a few of the battlers, one of the first battles i havent been apart of :lolsign: but if i got my really old mic i could...but u wouldn't hear it... Can I choose the beats for u all 2 record over?
  11. that's really decent man...a couple of things i pointed out to u on msn but thats it...keep up the good work
  12. all of them are the same as tim as put it...except from Reminicse is the key and Stuck On Have a nice day
  13. Happy Birthday Man! Sorry 4 The Lateness, Crazy Weekend :lolsign:
  14. I dont like 50 and yayo, but I got to admit that young buck and lloyd banks album are dope.
  15. Went out to the club last nite...probably doing the same tonight!! then sleeping sunday :lolsign:
  16. LL Cool J has signed a deal to develop and produce a new dramatic television series with Alchemy Entertainment and CBS, a major television network. The deal, worth an estimated seven figures, marks LL Cool J's return to prime-time television after the rapper/actor's stint as "Marion Hill" in the television series In The House, which aired on NBC and UPN. According to terms of the deal, the rapper will have freedom and access to various producers and actors, whether with the networks in-house studio producers or outside. LL chose CBS after strong interest from other major networks. In July of 2005, LL Cool J and Alchemy Entertainment inked a multiyear movie production deal with Lions Gate films. The first film under that pact is a thriller titled Overnight. In related news, the Grammy Award winning rapper will perform live in Dublin, Ireland at The Point on Oct. 10.
  17. :lolsign: I like Jackass when Johhny Knoxville did "The Poo Cocktail" In that little cubical, disgusting but hilarouis. Viva La Bam is ok
  18. We Gone Mass Today, We Have To Pay Depise What The Pastor Say, I Have 2 Say Ever Since 'Pac Passed Away Most U Rappers Don't Deserve A Track From Me overhyped rapper #1 Ft/ Brandy "Bring Me Dowj
  19. :lolsign: pretty much 2 pints in a litre
  20. A Day after Will's birthday...Jeff is gonna be tired :lolsign: but im defiently going to go to that!
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